Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day in Delaware

Welcome to Christmas!  It will be glorious!
Josh is enjoying his stocking.

Jon brought us this really cool puzzle box back from Turkey.  Theresa's present was inside the box and we spent the next 15 minutes trying to get into it.

Isaac really likes his garbage trucks.

What could it possibly be?


Shasta was really excited for Christmas too

We paused to eat a healthy breakfast.

 Mmm.  Homemade sticky buns.  Nice job Jess.

Looks like a great breakfast to me.

Then we continued with presents.

And the boys headed to the kitchen to work on their Lego Star Wars ships

Emma is enjoying her shopping cart

Mom got a great rug that Jon brought back from Turkey as well.

And Dad got something he's been needing for a while.  Hubcaps!

Yes he does.  

Emma loves her Pop-pop.

And her Gram. She's all dressed up.

With her new purse.

And her new shopping cart.

Nice toys Uncle Patrick and Aunt Megan.

We all had fun all day shooting each other, but sometimes they forgot to close the top and discs flew everywhere.
And he still loves his garbage trucks.

Shasta was a trooper the whole time.  She got lots of the bows and ribbons while we were unwrapping presents.

So when Dad bought the car it was missing a hubcap.  Here's the before.

And the after!
And later we had a delicious Christmas dinner.  Mom made biscuits and we had honey from Dad's bees.
You'd think that might be enough for one day, but we still had one more thing to do.  Dad volunteered to put the kids to bed while the rest of us went to see The Hobbit!
And even for a second time, it was great.  It passes really quickly for a 3 hour movie.

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