Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Carving in Michigan

It's tradition to carve pumpkins while we're up in Michigan.  The turnout was a little lighter this year.  Rita's running the Detroit Marathon the next day so her and Tyler are skipping it.  Rich and Chi also decided not to do one.  The good part of carving this year was that the kids can carve almost entirely on their own.

We started a new method of transferring the pattern to the pumpkin this year.  Instead of a pounce wheel or a poking tool to transfer the pattern through the paper, this year we used transfer paper.  It was a lot quicker, but it did smear once it got wet.  Still, I think I prefer it over the pounce wheel.

Two thumbs up from Abby.

I'm obviously very intense about carving out my pumpkin.

Amy and Austin lending their full support to the effort.

I chose do to an homage to Chick-Fil-A with my Eat Mor Chikin pumpkin.

Theresa is supporting her sister this year with a pumpkin celebrating the Detroit marathon.  The marathon takes you into Canada, thus the US star and the Canadian Maple leaf.

Ethan chose a St. Louis Cardinals pumpkin.  Unfortunately it didn't help them and they still lost the series.

Abby carved Rapunzel.  Aubrey was doing a Pascal, but unfortunately the pattern we transferred onto the pumpkin for the face smeared off after she ran her hand over it.  It's still a work in progress.

Austin had a school project to make a parade float based on a book he read.  He and Donald carved a couple scenes from the book onto the pumpkin.  On one side they had a city skyline and the other a Sherlock Holmes silhouette. 

 The next morning Rita ran the Detroit Marathon and this is what was waiting for her at home.

Congratulations Rita!

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