Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cirque Du Soleil - O at the Bellagio

We drove back into Vegas from the Hoover Dam and changed into our finer clothes.  We've got to get ready for the big show we're seeing tonight.  Ever since we first started seeing Cirque Du Soleil traveling shows and the ones in Los Angeles theaters, we've wanted to see the show everyone always talks about.
We had a delicious dinner at Grimaldi's Pizzeria, a New York style pizzeria inside the Palazzo.  

Who knew that the small pizza fed 2 people...  It was really tasty though.  

Plus the ambiance of the place was really cool.  We particularly liked the light fixtures made from empty wine bottles.

After a tasty dinner, we drove over to the Bellagio for a 10pm showing of O.
Before the show, we enjoyed the fantastic show in front of Bellagio. 

We listened to "Hey Big Spender" and even though it wasn't Disney's World of Color, it was one of Lacey's favorite parts of the trip.

The show is great!

And when all the water goes off, it creates a massive mist that is awesome to see.

But it's almost time to head inside for the show.

Even the Bellagio is celebrating for Chinese new year.  There is a giant snake celebrating the Year of the Snake.

And a giant money tree in the center.  The whole area is filled with fresh flowers and even a real blooming orange tree.  It smells wonderful here.

Time for the show!

Of course there were no photos allowed inside the theater, but I found a few online.  Not to spoil it for anyone else, but the stage was really amazing.  The show was also impressive, but despite the price, it wasn't my favorite Cirque show.  Out of all the Cirque shows I've seen, Ovo was my absolute favorite.

The show got out after midnight and it was time to head back to the hotel.  Tomorrow we're staying in Vegas and seeing more of the local sights.

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