Friday, February 15, 2013

Hollywood with Patrick and Megan

After our fun times on the WB Studios tour, we decided to head to Hollywood.
But first, lunch and a snack.  We stopped by the delicious Porto's Bakery where we enjoyed lots of yummy pastries and cookies.


We then headed to Hollywood.  I don't think we were on Hollywood Blvd for more than a minute before someone was hustling us trying to get us to take their music CDs.  As soon as we got onto private property though, all that nonsense was over and we could enjoy it a little more.

It's always fun seeing our favorite stars.  Patrick measuring up against the Harry Potter trio.

And Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.

I guess Megan likes sparkly vampires.  Here's the Twilight cast.

We're going to see Die Hard 5 on Sunday!  I hope it's good!

Lots of super heroes and action heroes featured here.

Sean Connery made his footprints barefoot, so Patrick did the same.

We spent a little time playing on the musical stairs.

And lo and behold, at the top of the steps was a giant candy store!

Perhaps I'll try another mosaic made of jelly beans.  We already know Patrick belongs in Slytherin.

They had a whole section for gross out candy.  This room was themed around toilets and urinals...  Eww.

And it wasn't just candy here.  They had a giant plush Chewbacca for $150.

It was starting to get late and we still had to look at the walk of fame.  Here's Patrick in front of Mickey Mouse. 

Yep, it's still the same after all these years. Thanks for the picture Mom!

It was fun to see their star after just seeing where they filmed one of their movies earlier this morning.

In front of the Disney Soda Fountain.

This one was fun to find.  Patrick and Megan went to see Jay Leno on Valentines Day just yesterday.

Patrick and Megan came nowhere close to beating the Bachelor's record for longest on-screen kiss, but at least they tried.

And for the last star of the evening, we happened across Walt Disney. 

We had a great day touring Los Angeles with Patrick and Megan!

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  1. I loved seeing the 1994 Mickey Mouse star. You all were soooo young.
    These have been great posts, Joe, of Patrick and Megan's Cali visit.