Monday, May 20, 2013

Anniversary lunch at Club 33

In a little over a week, Theresa and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary!  One of our friends who is a Club 33 member made us reservations so we could go celebrate in style.
Heading in to the park, we stopped by the Disney stone we bought to commemorate our anniversary.

The famous door.

The Club 33 member has made some of our dreams come true, and it's always fun to make someone else's Disney dreams come true as well.  Ryan and Jane are a couple of our friends who happen to be huge Disney fans.  At one point, they were visiting the park everyone weekend. When we invited them to join us, they were floored. 

Jane pushed the button to alert the attendant just inside the door. She came out, asked our name, and sure enough, reservations for four for lunch.

We marveled at the lobby for a couple minutes, then Ryan and Jane took the lift up.

We took a quick peek at the different items available to purchase.

No Mickey ears available right now. 

Our table wasn't quite ready yet, so we waited in the lounge.

Last time we were here, I was curious what was down this hallway. There wasn't anything except a companion restroom plus a cast member only door.

There was this interesting window though that looked down into New Orleans Square.

After a few more minutes, our table was ready, and good thing because we were all hungry!

The specially folded napkins are interesting.

And these plates are specially created for Club 33.

Lunch today is $95 per person. That includes a glass of champagne or sparkling cider, an all you care to eat salad, cheese and crackers, and seafood buffet, an entree of your choice, plus a unlimited dessert bar. 

I'm not a fan of salad or seafood, but my tablemates told me it was good.

I was a big fan of this chicken noodle soup though. It was served in tiny little ceramic espresso cups. After my first one, I went back and got two more.

My first plate.

The other special thing that happens on during Sunday lunch is Mickey and Pluto stop by the table to say hi. Sadly Theresa and I were sitting on the back wall so we didn't get to have to come beside us. It was great to see Ryan's face light up when he saw them walk in.

Lunch arrived and we were all looking forward to it. Each of us ordered the Filet and it was delicious. Normally it comes with pureed parsnips, but I saw another item on the menu happened to come with Truffled Mac and Cheese. Since that's one of my favorite side dishes, I asked to substitute and they were more than happy to do it for me.

After eating my entree, plus a little of Theresa's since she couldn't finish it, it was time for dessert! There are so many tasty treats here, it was hard to figure out what to try.

These s'mores looked great!

And I liked how they stenciled the Club 33 logo onto the cookies.

Going clockwise and starting at 12, was a chocolate eclair with the club logo, a Mickey shaped macaroon, a s'more, a cheesecake pop, and a mini berry pie. My favorites was the berry pie and the s'more. And this wasn't all mine, I split it with Theresa.

After seeing our anniversary buttons, the waitress brought out a special treat for Theresa and I. We were too stuffed to eat them now though, so we go them packed up to go.

Time to go explore the rest of the club. You don't get a view like this very often.

I had them pose for this shot and they promise they were smiling.

A great group shot of all of us together.

That window in the upper left corner was the one I was looking out a little earlier.

Next up, we asked our server if we could have a quick tour of the club. Shortly after, Justin showed up and took us all around, giving us a history of the club and showing us some of the more interesting pieces. This map in the bar area was part of the concept art for Pirates of the Caribbean. Some of the islands in the piece have interesting names, like Gilligan's Island, and one of the men in the picture is a caricature of animator Marc Davis who created many of the characters

Sitting at Lillian's harpsichord with the lid painted to show Jackson's Square. 

Justin showing us some of concept art for Mary Poppins.

Sadly Walt passed away 6 months before Club 33 opened, but the wanted him to be shown enjoying the club. The napkins are still folded the same as they were originally.

We continued to the phone book from the Happiest Millionaire.

And finally the trophy room.

This 200 year old clock is in the trophy room once started chiming and the staff didn't know how to make it stop. They had to leave it chiming until it finally wound down.

And finally we saw a bottle of wine from the Fess Parker (Davy Crockett) winery. He's signed this bottle and the club has it on display.

On our last visit, I was able to get 360 views of the trophy room and the lobby.  You can see those here.
Today I was able to get a view of the Main Dining Room and the Bar area.

All too soon it was time to leave. Theresa and I rode the lift down to the lobby.

One more group photo in front of the club and it was time to leave.

We had a great time and it was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.

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  1. Happy early anniversary! What a great way to celebrate! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time!