Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anniversary trip to Hawaii Pt2

We're visiting Kaua'i, Hawaii and celebrating our anniversary.
One of our last mornings here we decided to do a little sight-seeing. This beautiful view is overlooking the Hanalei Valley.

Down in the fields they grow Taro.

Way way off in the distance is one of the wettest places on earth. With an average rainfall of 452 inches a year, it's no wonder there are waterfalls flowing off the mountain.

Next up is the Kilauea Lighthouse.

Which was also featured in the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch.

The weather conditions were great and everything looks fantastic. Originally built in 1913, it had fallen into a state of dis-repair.

But just weeks before we arrived, the 2 year restoration project completed, just in time for the 100 year anniversary of the lighthouse.

Not only is the lighthouse on the National Register of Historic Places, the whole area is also a bird sanctuary.

See all those white dots on the hill? Those are all birds. They're everywhere here.

No idea what the names of any of these are, but they were fun to see.

Off in the distance we even saw a pod of dolphins!

They were breaching the water and looked to be enjoying themselves. It would have been great if we could have been closer to see them.

The official state bird of Hawaii, the Nene or Hawaiian Goose.

A red headed cardinal

That afternoon we went back to the St. Regis.

It was a very relaxing beach.

Even though there were chickens running around.

On this night we stayed until sunset. The sky looks like it's on fire!

We ate very well on this vacation. Every single morning, I made breakfast for both of us. Bacon, scrambled eggs and toast, along with juices.

And we always ate it outside on our patio.

This particular morning we were treated to a rainbow.

Chickens and other birds always stopped by to see what we were doing.


Fine, fine. A little bread for the birds.

Theresa wanted to hold a baby chick. They just look so fluffy; I can't stand it!

Our last full day in Hawaii, we spent the entire day at the St. Regis beach. We've been here enough that the valet knows our names.

We were some of the first to get to the beach and had our pick of the lounge chairs.

How I spent 90% of the vacation. Always wearing plenty of sunblock of course.

Another nice benefit, every day around 2pm the servers come and hand out pineapple to everyone on the beach.

We had a fabulous vacation and it was a great way to celebrate our anniversary!

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