Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ian's photoshoot

We're very proud to announce Ian Robert Flowers' birth to the world. Our plan was to send out a bunch of announcement cards, but first we need pictures!

Smile buddy!

A beach bum. Laying in the sunshine with his shades, board shorts and a beach volleyball close by.

Go Broncos! It's a little big Daddy.

He's number 1! Even has his name on the back.

We grabbed a football and Theresa propped him up. 

Which let me put this photo together. He looks so big and tough in it!

But he's really just a sweet little boy.

And I have a feeling he's going to love Disney. He's already got his own personalized Mickey ears and his own Duffy.

It was a good day for shooting photos. In the end, we put together the following announcement. Can you spot the tiny hidden Mickey's?

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