Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Theresa!

It's Theresa's birthday today! Already she's holding one of her favorite little presents.

It's been forever since we've eaten at our favorite Korean restaurant, Shilla, so for lunch I went and grabbed that. The waitresses there still remembered me though and asked where we've been. I showed them a picture of little baby Ian and they were excited for us. Theresa enjoyed her delicious lunch.

For dinner I always try to do something extra special on her birthday. Look at the marbling on these beautiful Prime rib-eyes. These are going to be good.

It doesn't get used often enough, but little smokey comes out on special occasions like this. 

The charcoal adds a flavor you just don't get with gas.

Theresa plate tonight. Not pictured are the 2lbs of king crab legs I also grilled up for her. Through the whole meal she was raving about the steaks and the crab legs. Everything was delicious.

Happy Birthday to you! There should have been one more cupcake on the tray, but Theresa caught me making them earlier in the day and decided to snag one early. 

I won't tell you how old she is, but you might be able to make it out in the candles. 

Along with the regular cupcakes, I also made a giant cupcake especially for her with lots of sprinkles.

 Flowers are always a good present.

Plus a couple of framed photos of the whole family and her and Ian to put on her desk at work.

Ian watching Mommy open her presents. He was very smiley and happy while she was opening them.

Hope you had a great day love.

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