Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ian's Christmas gifts

Already the thoughtful little man, Ian made his own Christmas presents this year (with just a little help from his daddy).

Of course the best gifts are handmade. I started by looking at for some handprint ornament kits, but having been burned on a Belly Painting kit, I was already a little wary. For $15 I really wanted to know what I was getting. Turns out it buys you enough clay to make 2 tiny ornaments, a cookie cutter, and a small wooden dowel to roll it out. I can do better.
For $8 at Michaels I was able to get enough material to make 8 ornaments, plus it was Model Magic clay that is airy, light and won't break if it's dropped. Much better for making an ornament.

Ian and I had been trying to make these ornaments for weeks but kept getting interrupted. With guests being here, it's hard to keep these presents a surprise. Eventually we were able to find some time just after midnight to make them.

Ian was a trooper too. Good spirits the whole time and willing to let me press his hands into the clay.

That's not to say it was without difficulties though. I would roll out a whole sheet of clay and go down the line pressing his hand into it ever few inches. He seemed to like to grab the clay as soon as I'd press his hand in it and it would mess up the impression. It ended up taking a while to make 8 ornaments.

But before too long we had all our ornaments completed and have a nice surprise for Mommy and the grandparents on Christmas.

Mommy got her own set of a handprint and footprint, while each of the grandparents got either a handprint or footprint for themselves.

On Christmas day, Mommy loved her gift.

And Grammy and Grandpa loved theirs too.

Nice work buddy.