Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's only weird if it doesn't work - Ian's Broncos Jersey

Now normally I'm not the superstitious type, but this is just a little too much of a coincidence. Have we cracked the code? Does Ian really hold the power to determine the winner of every Broncos game?
The Flowers household cheers for the Denver Broncos every season.

One really awesome gift we received during Ian's baby shower was a personalized jersey. It's pretty sweet!

Ian was born on November 11th and the Denver Broncos had already played 9 games and they were 8-1 for the season.  

The very first Sunday of his life, he was sporting his Denver Broncos jersey and the Broncos ended up beating the Chiefs 27-17. That's a pretty good start. 

The next week, we were having a bit of a rough week. Ian was really tired and we watched the game, but didn't want to wake him up to put on his jersey. The Broncos ended up losing to the Patriots 31-34.

Knowing we'd need some extra help the next week, Ian wore his jersey again for the game against the Chiefs. Result: Broncos win 35-28.

For week 14 of the season, Ian sported his jersey while the Broncos took on the Tennessee Titans. The Broncos dominated and won the game 51-28.

The very next week Denver played San Diego. Ian was a little fussy and so we tried to "trick" the football gods. Instead of wearing the jersey, it was merely draped over him to give the appearance of wearing it, but not actually putting it on. The gods were none to pleased and Denver would go on to lose the game 20-27. Lesson learned.

Week 16 against the Houston Texans. He's a little sleepy, but still wears his jersey. Broncos win 37-13.

On December 29th, he wore his Broncos onesie the whole day and come game time he put on his jersey. I can't find a photo of him in it, but trust me, he was wearing it. Broncos would defeat the Raiders 34-14. 

The next game on January 12th against the San Diego Chargers it was really starting to sink in. The game is on the line and Ian need to wear this jersey. Denver would beat the Chargers 24-17.

Today against the Patriots, with the AFC title on the line, Ian did his part. He proudly sported his jersey and the Broncos beat the Patriots 26-16 and won their way into the Super Bowl!

Every game Ian wore his jersey, the Broncos won. And any week he did not wear his jersey, they lost. Have we cracked the code?

So on February 2nd, those Seattle Seahawks are going to be in trouble because I know one little Broncos fan will be doing his part to ensure a Denver victory!

Go Broncos!

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