Saturday, September 20, 2014

Visiting Jon, Jess and the kids in Napa - Part 2

Theresa, Ian and I are up in Napa visiting my brother and his whole family.

After spending the morning at the house, we packed a picnic lunch and headed to Alston Park. 

I think this is Ian's favorite new spot to catch a ride.

Reaching over to see who's carrying him.

After finding a bench, we spread out a blanket and enjoyed our sandwiches, chips and fruit.

Lots of acorns on the ground here and the kids can't help but shoving as many as they can in their pockets.

After lunch, Jon and I took his kids and Jess' sister's kid on a hike, while the girls went back to the car to take a shorter route to our destination.

Not long into the hike Jon and I ended up carrying the smaller ones. We're walking through a dry city park, but on the rolling hillsides you can see rows of grapevines. 

Looks like they're almost ready to pick.

Here's where we were trying to get to. A dried out creek bed. On one of their previous hikes, there was a cool rope swing that swung over the creek. No swing today, but there's a log to walk across if you can keep your balance. Jon and I went across and even Emma gave it a try.

Not much further was a tree with a bunch of cool tangled roots that the kids enjoyed climbing all over.

After the fun with the tree, we headed back to meet up with the girls. Since I had given Emma a ride on my shoulders for so long, I figured it was time for her to return the favor. She said I was too big, but eventually said okay.

And we didn't make it very far until we swapped back again.

Maybe she would have walked faster if her pockets weren't so full of acorns!

Back at the house, Ian had some fun with Shasta. He loved watching Jon toss her the ball and would giggle whenever she took off running.

We've eaten so well while we've been here. Last night we had steaks. For breakfast we're having breakfast burritos. Jon cooking all the bacon.

Jess grinding flour to make homemade bread.

Of course you could buy tortillas, but Jon decided to make them instead. Delicious! Even better than the fresh ones you used to be able to get at Disneyland.

These were amazing.

And there was apple cider from the apples that were juiced yesterday.

We retired to the living room to chill and play with toys.

Shasta is keeping a wary eye open with Ian so close.

But they love each other.

Playing maracas with Aunt Jess.

And playing the piano with Aunt Jess.

Ooh. A magnifying glass.


I think the kids enjoyed being swung around.

All too soon, it was time to leave. Out to the backyard to take a few pictures.

Having fun with Aunt Jess.

And happy to be with Uncle Jon.

Smiling with Mommy. His top tooth is really starting to come in.

Good girl Shasta.

Goodbye Flowers family!

After a quick change into jammies, we hit the road by 6:30pm. Again we're hoping Ian sleeps in the car and we don't have to make any stops. Traffic wasn't bad at all and we made it home a little after midnight.

While we were on the road, Jess sent this image. Ian left a little remembrance of himself on a mirror.

It was a great visit seeing everyone!

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