Saturday, September 3, 2016

Medieval Times - dining as Kings Royalty

I forget how exactly the conversation started between Theresa and I, but somehow Medieval Times came up and she'd mentioned she had never been. I've been before, but it was way back in the 90s with my family. Knowing both of our families would be in LA, I made reservations for everyone to go together!
After the kids had their Disneyland Kids Races in the morning, we made our way over to the Medieval Times Castle for a 3:30pm early dinner.

There's various packages available, starting at $61.95 for the general admission, $73.95 for the Royalty Package, and $83.95 for the King's Royalty Package. But with a little digging on the internet, you can easily find discount codes like I did to bring those prices down! With the one I found, AUG34, those prices go down to $34 for general admission, $46 for the Royalty Package, and $56 for the King's Royalty Package.

Might as well go big! Here's everything you get with the King's Royalty Package.

After ordering online, the tickets came via email a few minutes later.

Lord or Lady; 

The King looks forward to welcoming you to the magnificent age of chivalry, pageantry, knights, jousting and tournaments! 
  • The Castle doors will open 75 minutes prior to the show time printed on your tickets. Plan to arrive early; seating is first come, first served and to obtain the best seats available you should arrive as early as possible. Many shows sell-out, so it takes time to get everyone in efficiently and safely. Once in the Hall of Arms there are plenty of activities and festivities to enjoy: visit the extensive gift shop, full-service bar, museum of torture and observe the master falconer and his birds of prey up close. Knighting ceremonies are also performed pre-show.

Since we're dining at 3:30pm, we can get in at 2:15pm! And since seating is first come, first served, we arrived at 2:30pm. And since we're King's Royalty, we get to bypass the line and walk the red carpet into the Hall of Flags.

It was here that we received our table assignment. It was also here we learned the knight we'd be cheering for, and received our crowns.

Someone really liked his crown.

As part of the King's Royalty Package, each person gets a framed photo. For a few bucks more per person, you can get dressed up in period costumes. We opted not to do that, but there were still a few props around that we could use.

We had to ditch our green crowns because of the Green Screen we were standing in front of. Theresa's green shirt was going to have problems with it too, so she was given a cape.

And after the photo in front of the castle the King was available for a group photo. The King was summoned immediately afterwards and was needed in another part of the castle.

After the photo, we decided to skip the dungeon ($2 per person additional charge) and head into the Hall of Arms. It appears the King was called away to a knighting ceremony.

In the Hall of Arms, we learned the history of the Green Knight.

A righteous and mighty warrior, the GREEN KNIGHT hails from the realm of Leone... His temper is the dragon's claw, and his sword, steel without pity. He is the bravest of the brave, protector of the people... He is Lord Temple, the Green Knight!

We'd then continue into another hall with shields with various virtues. Bravery. Fortitude.

Chivarly? Good catch Richard. I wonder how long that has been misspelled.

In telling Ian about where we were going in the days leading up to it, we told him how there were people riding around on horses. As soon as we entered the castle he started asking where are the horses. And here they are! All in their pens awaiting the show!

That's a big horse Alli.

Oh Alli. They're not stinky.

Also in a very dark room that's hard to see into, you can see a Falcon.

Fun times.

At 3:25 a trumpet sounded and the VIP guests were invited to enter first.

Each of the sections were lit up according to the knight's color.

And with our package, we're at the very front of the green section!

Waving our complimentary cheering banners.

Our "serving wench" came around to give us the run-down for dinner. Our dinner is printed on the inside of the menu and would come with 2 soft drink refills. Looks tasty.

At 3:50pm the Master of Ceremonies comes out and welcomes us all.

Each of the knights were introduced and then came riding out. When the Green Knight came out we all waved our banners and cheered really loud.

Go Green Knight!

Someone is having fun.

Around 4pm, our serving wench Tanya came out serving our tomato bisque and dragon bread.

While the King made his way down to the arena and implored the knights to entertain us in games of skill.

The rest of the meal included a baby dragon (half a rotisserie chicken), as well as a small cob of corn, half a seasoned potato, and an apple turnover for dessert. No utensils allowed either. We're all eating with our hands. I was impressed by the food. It was actually pretty good, and you get a decent sized portion.

Kids under 3 are free as long as they sit on your lap and eat off your plate, so T and I each took a kid.

I should have taken Ian! Alli cleaned my plate! She loved my corn.

During the entire dinner we enjoyed watching what was going on in the arena. The king's falconer brought out his bird which then flew over our heads.
After watching lots of the horses perform, and lots of interesting games of skill by the knights, it was time for the jousting.

At this point, large nets lowered around the arena, to protect us from debris I suppose. The green knight won his first battle, but then lost the next round. In the end, the Blue Knight was victorious.

Afterwards, all the knights came back out to the arena.

The King and Princess then raised a toast to all the knights.

Almost 2 hours later the show was over. Ian loved his cheering banners and was able to trade one of them with another kid.

Well I had a really good time here today. Loved getting the King's Royalty Package and being able to sit super close to the action. All the perks that came along with it were great too.

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