Sunday, March 26, 2017


It doesn't ever get old. No matter how many times we go, it's always smiles when we're here.

Today we're visiting on a Saturday right around 9am. The park has been open for an hour, but it was still pretty empty when we arrived.

First up was a spin around with Alice in Wonderland.

Alli smiling really big for the camera. For some reason she always squints her eyes now when she says "cheese". I love springtime in Disneyland. The trees look beautiful.

Over at Casey Jr, the caboose was open, so Ian got to ride backwards.

Mommy getting those kids some popcorn.

Off to Gadget's Go-Coaster. One of Ian's favorites.

Loving the short lines. Wish they'd let you stay on if there was no-one waiting to get on.

Our plan was to spend lunch over at the Food and Wine festival, so instead of doing it's a small world and Winnie the Pooh, we did favorites.

After the carousel it's the Enchanted Tiki Room for this group. Just missing a show, there was time to kill. The four of us watched these Disney cast members from animal control walk around the pond for a little while, but never did see them doing anything else.

Ian wanted to see the fire.

Welcome to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, sponsored by Dole. The Dole company got its start in Hawaii, with the Dole Pineapple Plantation opening on the island of Oahu back in 1901! Study up Ian, because we're going to be there next week!

He loves singing along with the birds, and he always draws a few smiles from others when they see how much he's into it.

It's lunchtime. After having a much better experience with the food and wine festival last week, we're back to try a few of the things we missed last week plus a couple favorites.

After missing it last week, today they weren't sold out of the
Sweet Corn Nuggets - with Beef Chili, Spring Onions, and Sour Cream - $6.75
I was expecting tater tots, but the corn nuggets were a lot better than that. Combined with a flavorful chili and sour cream, I really enjoyed this one.

Last week I was a bit disappointed with the portion size of the Wagyu beef and polenta. After seeing a few people walking around with it today, the portions looked bigger than what I got. Plus I enjoyed the polenta so as long as I got a bit more of that, I'd be happy.
Today there was a bit more beef, which was good, a huge onion, and lots of polenta. All of it was tasty.

This year there is a booth dedicated to bacon dishes called Bacon Twist. Here there was a
Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese - with Barbecue-seasoned Crispy Onion Strings - $7.50
There was a really long line for this booth and when we got to the front, there were only 4 of these left. The macaroni was nothing special, but it was covered in delicious bacon and crispy onions.

Ian got a big kick out of "stealing" my bacon.

Love his little smirk.

At the LA Style booth last week, I enjoyed both items I tried. I was happy to get the Pineapple-strawberry float and the Teriyaki Chicken slider with pineapple jam.


After all the snacks, it was time for more rides.

It's been a little while since I've seen a short line here. While we were waiting Ian asked what this was called. I told him it was from the movie A Bug's Life, and these were the Tuck and Roll Drive 'Em Buggies. He really wanted to ride on Tuck for some reason.

He steered us into all the other drivers while Mommy and Alli waved at us.
As soon as the ride finished, he said "Now let's ride on Roll!" Ah, he had put together a plan to ride it twice.

The kids love all the things in A Bugs Land. At least for the next couple years. Even Heimlich's Chew Chew Train.

Love the delicious smells of watermelon and vanilla animal crackers on this ride.

Finishing our time in A Bugs Land with a little bit of boogieing with Francis the Ladybug.

Heading into Cars Land, the four of us scooted off to the side of the road and waved while Mater drove by.

Kids, want to go on Mater's ride?
Alli - Yesh!
Ian - No thank you.
That surprised me. I took Alli while Theresa took Ian over to get chocolate from the Ghirardelli shop.

Alli loved it.

Seeing Alli have so much fun, Ian decided he wanted ride now. Good thing it's a short line.

Ian likes the ones with the blue eyes right now.

Alli enjoyed riding with Mommy this time, even though she gets squished a little bit more when they slide to the side.

Our last ride of the day. The Little Mermaid.

One last treat for the day, being a fan of the Dole Whip that is offered outside the Tiki Room, I was excited to try the new Dole Whip cotton candy.

Is there any pineapple in here? If so, I couldn't taste it. I was hoping for a nice pineapplely flavor, but all I got was sugar. Unless I hear the recipe gets changed, I won't be trying this one again.

Walking out there was what I consider one of my favorite scents. The lemon and orange trees are blossoming right now, and the fragrance they're putting off overwhelms the area right now.

Next week Disneyland? Nope! Got something special planned with lots of family. More on that later.

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