Friday, March 10, 2017

Be Our Guest... At Disneyland

Happy Friday! It's a little surprising to us, but we're at Disneyland today. We'd planned to be out in Colorado visiting our newest niece but that trip fell through. Ian was really looking forward to it. Instead, we're off work today and headed to the Happiest Place on Earth!

The drive from the house was pretty good. The Mickey and Friends parking structure wasn't crowded, but when we went down the escalators and saw the security line was really backed up and only saw one side of the trams running, we decided to walk.
That gave us the opportunity to take the Monorail into the park today! While we were riding the elevator up to the monorail platform a pair of ladies were talking to the kids. One asked Ian what was the first ride he was going to go on today. "The Monorail" Ian replied. Obviously.

Hi birdies!

Finally we arrived about 30 minutes after park opening. Okay Ian, now what ride is next? The train!
Amazingly there was no line! We walked right up and boarded the very next train! And Ian even got the cart he wanted. Lucky boy.

I had seriously considered overriding Ian's choice earlier when we'd walked by Alice and there was no line there either. Instead we came back right after Casey Jr and ended up waiting only 15 minutes.

A very merry unbirthday to all of us today.

In preparing snacks for the day, Ian heard T popping popcorn. He asked T what she was making it for, and T said it was for him to have at Disneyland. He told T, "Why are we taking popcorn? They already have it at Disneyland."

On the way back to Toontown, we ran into Gaston! Gaston taught Ian how to flex his muscles.

Because of the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out, and because of all the new food here at Disneyland, our hats today are inspired by France.
Gaston - "You've got antlers on your hat. I approve."

Back in Toontown, Ian and I took four trips around Gadget's Go-Coaster.

Normally Alli and Theresa would sit and watch us, but today the lines are short so Alli took a trip to see Mickey! T and Alli were the last of their group to see Mickey, so there wasn't anyone rushing them along. T said Alli ran up to give Mickey a hug and just stayed like this for a solid minute.

And gave him a kiss on the nose.

Minnie is right next door, so they went to see her too.

More kisses.

After meeting up Ian wanted to go meet Mickey too. It's only a 5 minute wait, so why not?

Sweet girl. More kisses for Mickey.

The four of us walked right on to it's a small world.

Then took a trip on the Tea Cups.

At the carrousel I've seen the Pearly band performing, but never got to ride with them. Today that changed!

As we rode around "Let's Go Fly A Kite" played right in front of us.

The carrousel is always a favorite.

Hey, it's Catherine, Lucas, and Liam!

It's always cute to see the kids together.

Climbing on the rails while we wait.

Alli was pretty proud of herself.

While we waited, the boys were deciding what color to get. What color do you want Lucas? Blue. Ian what color do you want? Blue. Alli, what color do you always say right now no matter what anyone asks? Blue. It's decided! The Blue Tea Cup it is!

The kids are all working hard to spin us fast.

T enjoyed watching us from the sidelines.

Good to see you Lucas. Even if it was quick.

I've been hearing about the "grey stuff" from Beauty and the Beast for a really long time. I've tried to get reservations for the Be Our Guest restaurant at Walt Disney World for years, but it's just never worked out. With the new live action Beauty and the Beast coming out, there's a lot of limited time food at the Disneyland Resort. Eventually I want to try the re themed Red Rose Taverne back in Fantasyland. Because it's so new though, the line to get in can take 30-60 minutes. Perhaps a future visit.
There is one other place to sample the grey stuff. At Maurice's Treats in front of the castle, you can get a grey stuff twist and grey stuff sauce for dipping.
"Try the grey stuff. It's... good." I wouldn't exactly call it delicious. To me it tasted like vanilla pudding with Oreo cookie, and the twist had Oreo crumbles on it. I still want to try all the new offerings back at Red Rose Taverne.

It wouldn't be a complete trip without going to the Tiki Room.

Alli is slowing down. Normally she's all into the Tiki Room. Today she's content to lay her head on me. She even fell asleep during the tiki drums and didn't stir for the thunder.

But after we left, she heard Ducks and woke right back up. Mmm. Cheerios.

But the writing was on the wall. I tossed her into the Ergo and quickly she was asleep.

And what's going on in the stroller? Ian's out too. Hmm.

Today is the very first day of the 2017 Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure.

After last years Festival of Holidays Food and Wine festival, I was a little hesitant to give it another try. The prices were high and the portions were small. The food was tasty, but the value just wasn't there.
For the 2017 Festival, I don't see much change.

For lunch, I opted for the White Cheddar Lager Soup in a sourdough bread bowl for $6.

The soup was rich and tasty, but man I wish there was more of it. The cavity inside the bread bowl was disappointingly small, resulting in only a few spoonfuls of soup. The festival runs through April 16th, but I don't expect to be giving them much more of my business.

Theresa and I walked around the park for an hour while the kids slept. Finally around 2pm they were both awake, so we knocked out a few rides in A Bugs Land. Francis' Ladybug Boogie.

And then Heimlick.

Only a 5 minute wait for Mater too! Alli and I hooked up to a baby tractor and enjoyed a spin. Ian really wanted a tractor with blue eyes, and lucky for him, the tractor behind us was open.

We'd recently watched Cars at home. I promised him the next time we went to Disneyland, he could pet a baby tractor.

To finish our day everyone enjoyed a ride through Ariel.

It was a fantastic day to visit Disneyland. Lines were short and there were lots of fun new things to do.

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