Friday, March 31, 2017

Hanauma Bay and Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail hike - Day 2

After having a day to recover at the house from the flight, we had quite the day planned.
Yesterday we only had an hour to explore Hanauma Bay before it closed for the night. Today we were there before dawn. As a bonus, if you're there early enough, you don't have to pay to enter!
All of us watched as the sun peeked over the horizon, giving us enough light to see all the fish.

 The snorkeling here is pretty good as long as you go early enough. As the day goes on, the sand gets stirred up and makes the water more cloudy. There's all sorts of fish, but the reef can be a little rough. There's quite a few places where you're in 2 feet of water trying to swim along a large portion of rock, and then a wave comes and picks you up and then drops you down onto the corral. There were a few people from our group who came away with some good scrapes.

Along with fish, there were a couple turtles and even an eel! Remember those waves? While observing the eel, one of those waves picked up Abby, then gave her a nice close-up. A little too close for her liking.

A few from the top of the hike down to the water. It's a really pretty view, but those rocks just under the surface aren't fun.

Everyone gathered back at the house for lunch before our next adventure.

Got to fuel up.

Fueling up because we're going for a hike!
The Makapu'u Point Lighthouse trail is an easy 3.3 mile out and back hike. With wide paved paths and a 1200 feet elevation gain, it was something the entire group decided to tackle.

Theresa brought her hiking poles for just this sort of thing.

Dominating the landspace is Koko Crater. That's a hike for another day. Just behind it is Hanauma Bay where we were snorkeling this morning.

Ian getting a good view with Pop Pop.

Along the way there were different overlooks. One group we spoke to saw a pod of whales.

Little miss independent. Wanting to walk all by herself and not even looking to see who is following her.

Nearing the top. Looking down we could see a large sea turtle.

The lighthouse built in 1909.

It's just a little windy up here.

Ian, your hair looks awesome.

Alli wanting to get a try with the hiking poles.

T adjusted them and gave Ian a try too.

Once at the top, there was a great view towards a couple smaller islands. The sea bird sanctuary and Rabbit Island.

At the top a ladybug landed on T. They're good luck, right?

Everyone made it!

A few family photos at the top.

One last look before it's time to go down.

Everyone worked up a healthy appetite. Good thing too! Tonight we've got big dinner plans!


  1. wow, Alli and Theresa have the same hairdo in the last family photo :)

    1. They certainly do don't they. I hadn't even noticed.