Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Last Day in Florida, Flying to Michigan

It's our last day in Florida. :(
After cleaning up the house, all of us headed into Disney Springs. Our flights out tonight aren't until 6pm, so we've got most of the day ahead of us.

The kids certainly have enjoyed hanging out with their cousins.

Beautiful blue waters here in Disney Springs.

Know the backstory of how the water came to be here? I didn't, but just last week when I was at Minnie's Moonlit Madness at Disneyland this trivia question came up.

So I knew that when I was at Disney Springs the next week, I better take a look for it.

Looks like an Archimedes screw to me!

We're still on vacation, so it's fine if we want to ruin our lunch with a little bit of dessert first. T is a fan of the premium cupcake shop Sprinkles,

There's certainly lots of cupcakes to choose from. I wonder which one Ian would like...

The one with sprinkles of course! And forget eating that cake stuff. He's here for the frosting and all those delicious sprinkles.

Alli enjoyed her half of the cupcake too.

Actually everyone enjoyed their cupcakes.

I guess when you're cute, the DVC sales people give you a whole stack of Mickey stickers.

This entire trip, we have really lucked out on the weather. We'd prepared for the usual afternoon thunderstorms each day, but not once was our day in the parks affected by rain. At Disney Springs though, the skies started pouring on us. Everyone made a dash for cover. I made a dash for the Splitsville bowling alley while pushing the stroller. The kids have covers that would keep them dry, except that Ian loves the water and kept pushing it back so he'd get wet.

Bowling sounds like fun to everyone in the group, but with the front counter telling us the wait was at least 45 minutes for a lane, we knew we had to figure out something else to do. Instead, we headed to the nearby town of Celebration to get some delicious ice cream from Kilwins.

While T and I go for the toasted coconut every single time, Ian prefers the superman ice cream.

Yeah, he really loves it.

Before long, it was time to head to the airport. Getting their last ride in on the airport tram.

Happy once again to have his own seat.

But it wouldn't take him too long to fall asleep on his cousin.

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