Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ian gets his first haircut... at Harmony Barbershop at Walt Disney World!

Well at this point there's no denying it. This boy needs a haircut.
He's over 3 years old and hasn't ever had a haircut. About 6 months ago Theresa and I were discussing it and I mentioned that because of our love of Disney it'd be fun if he could get his first haircut the Harmony Barbershop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. I called and made reservations back in January, and there you go, that's the reason for our trip.

Coming from the west coast, I made his haircut reservation for 10am. Even that late it was still difficult with the 3 hour time difference to wake up and get to the park on time.

Someone is excited for the day. That and he loves the parking lot tram.

Upon entering the turnstiles, we had to exchange our paper tickets for plastic ones with RFID inside them. The cast member who came over to help us looked awfully familiar. Within a couple seconds I remembered. All the way back in 2012, Ruston, Jacob, Theresa and I were visiting WDW and took the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Nicholas was our guide! Small world after all.

Hi horse!

And look who is waiting for us. T's family came out early just to watch Ian get his hair cut.

After checking in at 10am, there was a short wait for a chair to open up. Soon enough, Barber Diane had Ian up in her chair and was covering him in Mickey Mouse stickers.
In the weeks leading up to getting his haircut, Ian seemed a little nervous. He constantly said "Mommy, I want to hold your hand." and with a super serious face "Mommy, I'm going to cry when I get my hair cut." All the family was very encouraging in the weeks leading up to his haircut.
All those stickers from Diane were helpful to make him feel relaxed.

And following the stickers was a light-up toy. He dropped Mommy's hand pretty quick to play with it.  With all the "first haircuts" they've done here, I'm sure they've got lots of techniques to make the kids feel at ease.

Ian's got an entourage surrounding him.

Videos are fun to watch too. There's 2 other chairs, and the crying you hear is coming from them. Ian was a little startled when the clippers came out, and the blow dryer, but quickly settled down.

Ian enjoyed the attention.

And enjoyed playing with the toy.

In the end, he was perfect! Nice work Ian!

When I made the reservations, I chose the "Baby's First Haircut" package. For $25 you get the haircut, a certificate, and a pair of mouse ears with "My 1st Haircut" on the back. A Child's haircut is $18 regularly so for $7 extra you get the mouse ears. In the end, the whole thing lasted about 8 minutes.

Very handsome.

For doing so good, he got another stack of stickers.

And Alli wasn't left out either. She got a bunch of stickers too.

Very cute Ian.

Looks like a little boy now.

The back looks much more cleaned up now.

Really happy we came here for Ian's first haircut.

I made sure to tell them ahead of time that we would like some clippings of Ian's hair. They had little bags and put his hair in there plus a few more stickers.

Time to start our day at the Magic Kingdom! First stop...

Starbucks! While we waited in line, Ian's new haircut got a bit of attention.

Now that we're caffeinated we're ready to start our day! Let's hit some rides!

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