Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Epcot and Le Celier

After spending the morning at the Animal Kingdom, we were all meeting up with the rest of the family at Epcot. Been a long morning for Ian already apparently though.

That meant he missed a visit with Daisy. But Alli was the last in line to get to see her, so she got a little bit of extra time with her.

And after a visit to Club Cool, Ian was still out. Alli enjoyed trying the different kinds of soda. I think her favorite was the Frosty Melon.

With 3 fast passes to choose from today, the first stop was to meet some characters. Never gets old.

Alli is a little kissing machine. Sees a character, gives a kiss.

Goofy was the next stop.

Followed by Minnie. Nice to have all the characters lined up here to meet them all at once.

For our second fastpass, T and I decided to split up. She took the kids off to ride Nemo, while I had my very first experience with the updated Test Track!

I got to design my very own car, with different performance characteristics. High power, high speed, and low efficiency. This is a thrill ride after all.

Screaming along the track outside on those banked turns is pretty awesome.

I found Theresa and all the rest of the crew hanging out at Club Cool again. How can you say no to free soda? Ian thought it tasted fuzzy.

Time for a very late lunch/early dinner, all together.

After trying for a couple weeks, I was able to get reservations for 3 different groups of 4 right around 2:30pm.

Speaking with the front counter, they'd be able to see all three of our groups together, just give them 20 minutes.

While we waited, we enjoyed the beauty of the Canadian pavilion at Epcot.

Not far away, Ian and his cousins found a Kidcot Fun Stop, where the could color a Duffy bear.

Twenty minutes stretched on and on. After 35 minutes or so, someone came out and told us that there was a party who had finished eating, and was just hanging out at the table. And so, we wait.

And took group pictures.

Finally 45 minutes later, a cast member came out to grab us.

Everyone was excited to finally try the cheddar beer soup that T and I have been raving about.

In the end, we didn't order any entrees, but instead had 10 bowls of cheese soup, 2 orders of smoked mac and cheese, 1 order of truffle fries, 3 orders of the signature poutine, and 2 orders of the Montreal (poutine with brisket, slaw, etc). Bring on the carbs!

Alli ate up her kids meal sirloin, while Ian picked at his Mickey pasta.

Food coma for Alli? Nope, just her latest nap ever.

Epcot sure is pretty. Getting prepped for the International Flower and Garden Festival.

Using the last of our 3 fast passes of the day at Theresa's favorite ride ever. The Land!

We've told Ian about the alligators in Florida and he really wanted to see them. I thought we'd see a couple different ones on this ride. First, these fake ones here in the rainforest.

Then after making our way through the greenhouse...

I was thinking we'd see a tank of them off to the right. But that's been replaced with catfish now. Only fake alligators for this trip Ian.

After using our three fast passes, we're free to reserve more. Immediate fast passes were available for Nemo, so the entire group was off to the Seas with Nemo and Friends.

Watching the manatees.

Ooh. Jellies.

Totally got to talk with a turtle with Crush.

Continued in the next post.

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