Friday, February 10, 2017

Rainy Friday at Disneyland

It's a cloudy Friday morning. Rain was forecasted earlier, but now it looks like it'll hold off until the afternoon. The perfect day to go to Disneyland!

We always try to make it by rope drop, but rarely succeed. Today we actually made it!

We had hopes of finally riding Peter Pan without a super long wait, but as we got closer saw that the line stretched all the way to the castle! Ridiculous!
Instead we walked right on to Alice in Wonderland.

Ian has wanted to ride the Storybookland Canal Boats for a little while now, but lines move so slow. Today we only had to wait for one boat to load before we got on!

He's excited. Know why?

The whole reason he's wanted to ride. So he could get swallowed by a whale!

The ducks were out in force and lined up to watch us go by.

Alli has a thing for ducks right now and whenever she sees one will yell "Duck!" and point it out.

Next up is Casey Jr. Ian's got a good memory. He remembered that two weeks ago it had broken down while we were in line. Back up and running today though, despite a slow moving line. Even tempting him with rides on Dumbo or small world wouldn't dissuade him. He wanted to ride Casey Jr.

Front row!

The carrousel is always a must do for us. Smiles like this make it clear why.

While Theresa and Alli headed back to Main Street for popcorn, Ian and I went to Toontown.

It wasn't busy back here at all!
We rode Gadget's Go-Coaster one time...

Two times.

Three times.

Four times.

Five times!

A record six times!

And it was on this trip that I taught Ian the joys of holding your hands in the air on the roller coaster.

Ian loved it even more!

Loving the lines so far this morning. it's a small world was pretty much a walk-on!

Thanks Uncle Jacob for the popcorn bucket!

Alli doesn't know a lot of colors yet, but she's quick to say her favorite. Which one do you want to ride Alli? "Bweew!"

Alli loves Winnie the Pooh now. As we walked past Haunted Mansion Alli yells "Pooh!" Guess we've taken this walk a few times now that she knows we're headed to ride Winnie the Pooh.
Still able to squeeze 4 of us in one row.

Mmm. One of the best treats here. A chocolate and caramel covered marshmallow stick.

You'd think we never feed these kids.

After this bite there were lots of "More" and "Please" coming from Alli.

Feeding the ducks before we head to our last ride.

T grabbed the kids each a hot dog to snack on for lunch.
Aloha? No, Ian said Alo-hotdog! Funny kid.

I love how into the show Ian and now Alli get. Singing along of course and drumming with the tikis too.

The hot dog bun is always good for feeding ducks with later.

We even got to see a quick parade with some of our favorite Disney characters!

Coming on a Friday where it was supposed to rain but didn't was perfect! The crowds were low and the lines were short! Wish it was like this all the time!

After 3.5 hours in the park we were able to ride 16 times on 10 unique rides, plus feed the ducks and watch a quick parade.
No surprise the kids fell asleep before we even got out of the parking garage.

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