Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flying to Florida to visit Walt Disney World

The Flowers family is off on their next adventure! It's been nearly a year since we were at WDW and there's a specific reason we're headed back. We'll get into those reasons in more detail a little bit later.
Waiting for our plane, Ian said Mommy you can share my seat.

One person who won't be sharing a seat today is Alli. Even though she's under 2, she's got her very own seat! And it was a completely full flight, so I was very happy to have a space all for her.

Snack in one hand, big hold on Duffy, and watching Doc McStuffins. How can it get any better?

What's this? Snacks! Alli was quick to grab something as soon as it was in range.

4 hours on a plane will wear anybody out.

Hanging out in Nashville while we wait for our next plane.

Finally in Orlando! Here's our first ride. The train from the gates to the main terminal, and we have a front row seat!

Look at that mop of hair on Ian.

Look who is waiting for us! It's the cousins!

Hi Ethan!

When you fly from one coast to another, the entire day is shot. We left at 8am from Los Angeles. All of us stopped for dinner at 8:30pm in Florida at Chick-Fil-A.
We placed our order and saw that they offered something called the "Family Challenge." They give you a small box, you put all your cell phones in it and then enjoy your meal without any distractions. Once you're done, you return to the counter and each person who put their cell phone away gets a free ice cream cone!

With 3 cousins who each have a cell phone, and 3 adults, there was more than enough ice cream to go around. Look at that smile.

Finally after a long day, we've arrived at the house we're renting.

Let's go in the pool! Doesn't even feel how cold it is, just jumps right in.

And Alli wasn't far behind.

Well even though you're coming from California, it's time to get to bed kids. We've got a big day tomorrow.

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