Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ian turns 40

Forty inches that is. That's a big milestone for Disneyland! At 40" a whole new world of rides opens up!

Stand up straight. You're there!

And our very first ride is... The Silly Symphony Swings!

Being here first thing in the morning, there was hardly anyone in line and we got to go twice in a row!

I wasn't too sure about it at first, but I am really loving the MaxPass system now. Yes I could walk and get a fastpass, but it's much more convenient to use the phone. I got more fastpasses today than I have on multiple trips combined.

All of these baby tractors are the same right? Wrong! Ian always wants to ride one with green eyes. And Alli prefers the blue-eyed baby tractors.

Jacob is joining us!

Next up is another brand new ride for Ian. Soarin! Ian, T, and Jacob all rode together.

This new film has a ton of jump-scares, and I think every single one of them startled Ian.

But he loved it and wanted to go again.

Alli and I watched the Newboys crew singing and dancing while we waited for Ian.

And then it was time for me to use my fastpass. And Ian got to come too!

If smaller aviators don't measure up to the height indicator on the seat, let's put the belt through the loop in the center strap before buckling. Nice work pal.

After Soarin lunch was from the Lucky Fortune Cookery. I think Ian's fortune was very appropriate today.

Time for another big ride for Ian! T took Alli over to ride Mater...

While Jacob and I took Ian on Radiator Springs Racers!

Some moments of concern to be sure, but ultimately he loved it.

You won!

It's always fun to run into someone you know. In this case our Candlelight friends and their doggie. Ian has special permission to pet her.

Time for a new park! Over to Disneyland! Both Splash Mountain and Winnie the Pooh went done at the same time. Better treat ourselves to chocolate!

Alli really really wanted that chocolate.


Ian sure does love roller coasters. Now that he's 40" tall he can ride things like Big Thunder Mountain! He really liked it, though I never realized how loud it can be.

Afterwards Jacob went to find Alli and T over on the carrousel.

And took a spin around Casey Jr.

That's because Ian and me are doing the ride that Ian's been asking about for a long time. He sees the log from Splash Mountain going down the giant slide every time we walk over to Winnie the Pooh and always says "Daddy I want to ride that one!" The answer was always "We'll have to wait until you're taller." Well that day has finally come! Let's go!

Awesome! Today has been a great day. Five brand new rides for Ian a few more still to try on future visits!

To celebrate my recent birthday, the five of us enjoyed a nice takeout meal from the Napa Rose. We ordered it to-go and had a tasty dinner outside the Grand Californian by the outdoor fireplace.

This kids petite filet sure is heavy on the broccoli.

Nice to be outside with some room to run around. The kids are well behaved, but tonight we're not looking for fine dining. We're looking to get some energy out.

All that healthy broccoli means I can enjoy a little dessert. Jacob and I split a delicious chocolate chip cookie sundae. Mmm.

The kids dance and played to the music from the Pixar Play Parade.

Awesome day today! And now I have a roller coaster buddy who is tall enough to go with me!

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  1. You should take him back to the jellyfish height check from Christmas 2015!