Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor - June

It's the start of summer, which means once again it's time for the Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor. I don't know how she times it so well, but Rita always happens to be out here for it. Let's go eat!
First we need tickets. 12 tickets for $10 means that each ticket is worth $0.83. We started with 36 tickets, but before the night was over, used 60 for the 6 of us. 

Finally we allowed enough time to get to Long Beach. In the busy LA traffic it took nearly an hour. But we'd left early enough to arrive at 5pm. Too bad the event starts at 5:30pm.
Some places were getting set up early though. At Thai Gourmet, Jacob dug into a plate of chicken pad thai, while Theresa sampled 1 krab and cream cheese wonton.

And La Strada right next door all of us, and especially Rita, were disappointed not to see Bruschetta on the menu. Before coming, I jokingly said that we'd probably spend an entire book of tickets on bruschetta. Instead we consoled ourselves with spinach pizza, pepperoni pizza, and Penne Au Gratin.

Yes, the spinach and white sauce pizza was for me. I eat green stuff occasionally.

Those krab wontons were so good (and hot and fresh) that T ordered a couple more for everyone to split. The nice thing about going with so many people is that you get to try little bites of a lot of things.

No one said we couldn't have dessert early. Across the street from La Strada, we noticed that the Frosted Cupcakery had just finished setting up. No salted caramel high-tops? That was fine by Alli. When T asked what she wanted, it was clear she wanted the ones with sprinkles.

Ian too. Both are big sprinkles fans.

Wait wait wait. Let me get a picture.

Okay, now you can dig in.

The rest of us each got a red velvet high-top plus a cookie to split. At only 1 ticket each ($0.83) these are a really good deal compared to the prices inside ($1.50 each).

Never know who you might run into. It's our next door neighbors!

Over at Legends they were speaking my language. A BBQ pork rib on top of bacon mac and cheese. Definitely tasty.

Mmm. More pizza. And not just any pizza. Chicago style deep dish.

It all looked good, but Jacob and I split a slice of the Rance's Favorite, a meatball, bacon and jalapeƱo deep dish pizza. It was a little spicy and a lot tasty. Yum!

Alli checking to see if Ian has anything good on his tray.

At the Taco Surf shop, T enjoyed a tasty street taco.

And while Cheese Addiction has lots of tasty things, including a brownie with cheese in it, the six of us all split a cup of cheddar, a cup of cubed aged cheddar cheese.

Domenicos had a line. No surprise why. Their ground pepperoni pizza is one of my favorites. Jacob and I split a slice of pizza and everyone else split the Sausage Tomato Cream and Basil Cream pasta.

Alli enjoyed the complimentary breadsticks they offered with the pasta. Even gave me a bite.

Yummy pizza. That's the third different pizza I've enjoyed tonight.

When we asked Ian what he wanted from the Stroll and Savor tonight he said Pizza! and Ice Cream! and Broccoli! (despite looking, no one had broccoli). But here's the ice cream! At Paradis we found the ice cream. Ian chose a strawberry sorbet and I picked a salted caramel.

Oh boy. Look what they have at the end on a table. Sprinkles! The guy serving us ice cream said "Have as many as you want!" Perhaps he doesn't know how much these kids like sprinkles.

Jacob grabbed a few more desserts at Pandor to share. After tasting Ian's strawberry sorbet, Rita and T decided it was good enough to split another one.

Ian held it, while Alli helped herself.

The arrangement worked out pretty well.

Passing by this nail salon, Ian asked why there were so many nurses inside. Funny guy.

Starting to feel full. Only a couple more places left.

At Snow Monster, they offered an Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie.

The kids helped me finish my piece off.

And it's always easy to spend any remaining tickets at the Frosted Cupcakery on more cupcakes.

The food was especially delicious tonight I thought. We all had a great time enjoying the Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor. 

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