Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 Pasadena Chalk Festival - Day 2

Happy Fathers Day!
The reason for all the hard work on the mural yesterday was so that today we could all go up to the festival together. I didn't need to drive up early to put in hours and hours of work.

Alli getting into the spirit by chalking up the driveway.

The mural survived the night! Ruston and I just needed to fill in the letters, touch up a few spots and we'd be done!

Ian wasn't too happy yesterday when T told him I'd left to work on my chalk art. He really really wanted to come help. He was excited to help out today.

Grab some tape and pull it up Ian.

Of course Alli wanted to help out too.

Excellent! We're done!

Time to check out the other artist's work. But first, lunch!

As is tradition, we're headed to Islands at the Paseo. As soon as we walked in, Ian wanted to know why we were eating at the Tiki Room.

Even our booth was surrounded by Tiki masks. We felt right at home.

There's even birds in perches above us. This is totally a Tiki Room restaurant.

Right across from the theater Charlotte Scovill is working on an Alice in Wonderland piece.

Wow. Downstairs in Animation Alley, 16 year old Kayla Garcia (aka kayla_doodles) has put together an amazing Wonder Woman. No surprise that she was the People's Choice Winner and the best in Animation Alley. Really outstanding work.

And right beside Kayla was a fantastic Groot piece.

This Brave adaptation by cnickartist made us stop. We wanted to know how she made that crazy swirling effect out of chalk. Pretty awesome. This is one of the pieces in Animation Alley that had a bike roll right across Merida's face overnight. Some people...


A look at Coco. A new Pixar movie coming out in November.

Classic Iron-Man

Still haven't seen The Boxtrolls.

Nice to see that Zootopia is still getting some love. I really liked that movie.

Jamie Leake has a humorous troop of Roboscouts recharging batteries over a virtual fire.

Working right next to our Jungle Cruise mural was a girl scout troop. There were girls rotating in every couple hours while one person coordinated everything.

Awesome! I love seeing Disney characters that don't get a lot of recognition.

Bianca Ornelas was hard at work nearby us the entire time. Her colors just pop, plus she's got an amazing eye for detail. No surprise at all that she won Best Use of Color.

What do you call something that's half woman and half octopus. Some sort of Octo-mermaid? Frankyms did a really good job on the coloring of this one.

Shuji Nishimu has done incredibly photo-realistic pieces every time I've seen him. This year, he's chosen the band members from Kiss to draw. His efforts this year would win him 2nd Best in Festival

Shaina Joel would win Best of Festival for this classic Batman mural of Adam West.

Wonder Woman was popular this year, as was Carrie Fisher.

This huge piece took up nearly 2 squares. It earned Curt Von Badinski Best Rendition of a Masterpiece.

Arlou Somo won 3rd Best in Festival for this Beauty and the Beast recreation.

Starry Night Marilyn by Leo Aguirre.

When I was telling people about the Chalk Festival, most people immediately thought of the 3D art they've seen. In truth, of the over 100 different murals, only a small handful were made to look 3D. This buddha by William Zin won Best 3D effect.

I thought this one looked really good too.

What better way to cool off on a hot day than with an Icee.

Just a few more to see in the upper fountain courtyard. This artist was really great at coming around and giving encouragement. I saw him 2-3 times yesterday as I was working, and he always had something nice to say. We caught him napping the first time around, but a little later Ruston and I got to chat with him.

Seeing all that, Ian was ready to make something of his own. He was happy to draw in the Children's Chalkland for a few minutes.

It's been a long day and I needed to get the family home. One last stop by our mural.

And just a couple more pictures.

Let's do it again next year Ruston!

Everyone had a fun time at the Chalk Festival!

Ruston stuck around a little longer to meet some other friends. He happened to be around when a long-time reader of my blog, Bobbie stopped by. She's been reading ever since the Disneyland Dream Suite post. Sorry to have missed you Bobbie. Glad you got to chat with Ruston for a little while though.

When we got home, the kids were eager to get to work on their own chalk masterpieces. I asked Ian if  he wanted me to make him a square out of tape. Ian - Actually I want a rectangle. Yes sir.

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