Saturday, March 24, 2018

2018 Disneyland Egg-stravaganza

Howdy Partner! Time to finish out this here egg scavenger hunt around Disneyland. Let's go!

First we need a map.

Followed by some stickers.

Lead on Ian. Where to first?

Outside The Mad Hatter's shop, Alli was already spotting eggs and rabbits.

The White Rabbit, perched on the signage.

Getting that sticker in place to show we found it.

Our next egg took us to the Disneyana store. After searching the outside, first room, and then second room, we still came up empty. The third room had Pluto, and boy was he hiding well. You had to come all the way in to see him.

Tucked back up into the corner.

Over to the Emporium, we wandered around the main store looking high, low, and everywhere in between. Only when we went into the back section did we find Tinker Bell hiding.

Found you.

Over to the Little Green Men shop, where Ian found Mickey hiding next to a Little Green Man.

And then to Le Petit Chalet to find our next egg. Ian was wondering who that egg was. I suppose Mr Toad isn't a ride we typically go on, is it?

A sharp eyed Ian spotted Goofy on top of the Toontown Train Depot.

And it sure was tight to navigate, but we eventually found our way to Bonanza Outfitters and found Thumper behind the banister.

The Stage Door Cafe was next. Minnie was watching everything below from the porch.

Our next egg location was for "A New Orleans Square Balcony". There's lots of balconies around here, but Alli spotted Daisy as soon as we got close.

I don't even know how Ian saw this one when he did. We had just walked by the entrance to the Haunted Mansion when he said "Donald!" and pointed this direction.

According to Google Maps, that's almost 200 feet away! And while T and I knew it was at the Harbor Galley, he certainly didn't. I'm doubly impressed!

Staring into the sun, we could just make out Dale in the crows next to Tarzan's Treehouse.

And by the Bengal Barbecue, Chip was hiding on a balcony.

Nice work you two! You solved all three scavenger hunts!

Alli admiring the last egg prize. We got her Belle.

For quite a while now, Ian has been wanting to do the Disney Shooting Gallery. Today we finally did it, and our hats match the theme. We're all wearing hats for people who would be good with guns. Alli is wearing a Gaston hat from WDW. Ian is wearing a Goofy cowboy hat from Disneyland Paris. And while I do have a Disneyland Coonskin cap, it's a little small. Instead I have my original coonskin hat from when I was little.

The guns are pretty heavy for a little kid. With some help from mommy and daddy, we manage to shoot some birds, spiders, tombstones, bottles, and more.

Ian had a good time, but boy did he have a heavy trigger finger. He was a little machine gun when he really wanted to hit something, rattling off 5-6 shots in a couple seconds.

To finish our day, we popped over to California Adventure. From the Food and Wine booths, we sampled a strawberry ice cream float. This is actually a returning item from last year, and it's one of my favorites.

It's been months that T has been looking for the pull-apart bread from Sonoma Terrace. Finally today she found it!

Two flavors even! A spicy jalapeƱo cheddar that had a nice kick to it. And a regular cheddar sourdough. For $4 each, I'd say that's not too bad of a deal considering it's Disney.

We all had a lot of fun finding eggs and exploring the park! Count us in for next years Egg-stravaganza!

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