Sunday, March 4, 2018

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival - Visit with Gram

It's the weekend and it's time for our regular trip to Disneyland. But today we've got a special guest with us. Gram! It also happens to be the 2018 Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure. We made sure to dress appropriately.

Arriving at the parking garage before park opening, it was a brisk 48 degrees. Big coats and a blanket might have been a little much, but the kids were warm and happy.

Getting here so early, we were able to get a bunch of rides in before the crowds picked up. Mater was a walk-on.

And I really don't care to ride Luigi's, but the kids sure do love it. With no lines we rode it twice!

Over on Mater they have a favorite tractor (the green eyed ones) even though they are all identical otherwise. Here Ian wanted to get a car that had luggage on the back (there are only 2 out of 20 cars).

Next, those of us who aren't prone to motion sickness rocked out with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Ian wants to listen to the soundtrack when we're in the car.

After the ride, we met up with Alli and T in A Bug's Land, and rode Flik's Flyers.

Alli really liked it, even being brave and keeping those hands in the air.

For some reason, even though the park opens at 8am, they don't open Toy Story Midway Mania and the carrousel until 9:30am. By 9:15 a large queue had formed. Instead of waiting, we walked on to Ariel.

And after Ariel we explored the rest of the Paradise Pier. Like the Jumping Jellyfish.

Jacob is here! And he joined us on the swings!

While the rest of the group enjoyed Soarin, Alli and I headed over to the Animation Academy. The lobby animations weren't working correctly, so we explored the rest of what the building had to offer. First we drew some animation strips, then we headed to the Beast's library.

Over in the Beast's Library, you can use a magical book to tell you which Disney character you are most like. Alli answered the questions as best as she knew how. She likes to "talk with friends, is imaginative, thinks with her heart (vs her head), and plans things out." And then surprisingly to me, wants to have lunch with mean people instead of nice people. Turns out she's most like Ursula! She didn't care for that so we tried it again.

I thought being like Alice was pretty good for her, but she said she wasn't. She's like Alli she said. Guess she's an original.

I always like seeing the artwork they have for sale at Off The Page. That's where we first discovered Allison Lefcort, my favorite Disney Pop Artist.
This time they've got some interesting autographed collections. They chose some interesting scenes though to get autographs on though. The fight with the River Guardian? Okay...

Mulan getting a bath... Weird.

I'm glad we got to see a little bit of Cogsworth today, both in the Beast's Library and here as a statue. David Ogden Stiers passed away yesterday, and he was the voice of Cogsworth (from Beauty and the Beast) and Governor Radcliffe (from Pocahontas).

After joining the group again it was time to use our Toy Story fastpasses. Alli gets such a kick riding on my shoulder, and an even bigger kick when she steals my sunglasses.

Ian getting Gram ready for the ride.

With the seating arrangements, T got to go all by herself, and was on track to have her best score ever! But, the Green Army Men screen wasn't working and we just sat there with nothing to shoot at. Even without that, she still managed a very good 260k points. Had she had that screen, I'm sure she would have been able to break the 300k barrier solo.

Alli had to give out a round of hugs to the animals in the gift shop they make you exit through.

It's lunchtime and time for the Food and Wine festival! At the entrance to DCA, they are giving away paper chef hats to anyone who wants one.

Alli wanted one, but we brought our own hats too!
My Ratatouille hat came all the way from Paris Disneyland. Ian and Alli's came from Walt Disney World (even though Alli's is identical to mine). And T's hat was from the Disney Store or something like that.

The lines for all the food booths were some of the longest I've seen. I think we'll try this again next week and hope it's not so crazy. I'm sure some of those lines were 20 minutes long to get to the front and order.
Jacob found that the line at Off the Cob wasn't too bad compared to some of the others and was able to get one of the treats I was curious to try.
The Caramel Popcorn Krispy Treat - $4.00.

Half popcorn ball, half rice krispy treat, and then covered with caramel. We split it 6 ways and even though it was a little odd, I think it was tasty enough to try once.

The lines back at the Paradise Garden Grill were much better, for ordering, though the food took 15 minutes to come out. Pretty odd for a pretzel and street tacos.

On full bellies, four of us braved Guardians of the Galaxy.

And ended up with a pretty good picture at the top too!

With a full park in DCA, everyone went over to Disneyland and rode the Haunted Mansion and Winnie the Pooh.

Time for a treat. Mommy said to get them a single scoop in a cup and then left Daddy alone in the line to order. A double scoop on a chocolate-dipped sprinkle cone later...
The kids were happy.

Alli liked picking off the sprinkles.

Today was a good day at Disneyland!