Saturday, March 17, 2018

2018 Disney's California Adventure Egg-stravaganza and St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! All of us made sure to wear green, and as a special treat, Theresa brought us all green donuts from Krispy Kreme!

 They were tasty.

Ian got the one with shamrock sprinkles, and Alli sure was eyeballing it.

I'm glad he's good at sharing.

The family piled into the car and we all headed to Disneyland. The 2018 Egg-stravaganza just kicked off yesterday and we wanted to make sure to go as soon as possible. In years past, they've sold out of maps!

For $5.99 (less if you have an Annual Pass), you get a map showing the locations of the eggs, plus a sheet of stickers with each of the eggs you'll find. Same format as the previous years.

The eggs available as prizes this year. Once you redeem your map, you get your pick of 1 of these eggs. At least right now you get your pick. Towards the end of the event, when they start to run low on a few characters, it becomes a random prize.

Theresa stood in a very long line to pick up a map.
And here's a look at the map. A dozen locations scattered around DCA.

And a sheet of 12 stickers.

Spoilers ahead. If you're planning to do the egg hunt yourself, and don't want to know where the eggs are hidden, stop here.

Okay, you've been warned.

Our first egg location was Elias and Company. The kids were quick to find Mickey.

And I don't think he's meant to be hidden all that well. Seeing as how he's advertising the Egg-stravagana with a map and a price display in front of him.

The kids alternated putting the stickers in the right place.

Next we were headed to Off the Page. I'm glad we did this first thing in the morning. The shops can get a little busy as the day goes on. It was also good to do it early in the morning because there were fewer people doing the hunt and pointing out eggs before you could find them.

Minnie was hiding here.

So Ian peeled that sticker and stuck it down.

Hmm. The Water Tower in Hollywood Land? I can very clearly see there's nothing on the water tower.

We can see Pluto just in front of the tower though.

"a bug's land" certainly is a very big area to search. I was happy the kids were quick to find it on our first time though.

While we're here, might as well take a spin on Mater.

Then it was off to Sarge's Surplus Hut.

Where it was no surprise to find someone from Cars.

And right next door at the Ghirardelli shop, Alli found Lightning.

Of course we made sure to get our sample of chocolate, and then sourdough bread from the Boudin bakery.

At Embarcadero Gifts, the kids found Chip.

And just down the path, Seaside Souvenirs had Dale. Of course they'd be close together.

At Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta I was wondering if the egg might be inside. But T was quick to point out that since it doesn't open until 10:30am, inside wouldn't be a good idea.

The kids found Thumper amongst the letters of the sign.

The Rushin' River Outfitters had Goofy way in the back, but kids found him quickly.

Cast Member Brian complimented their hats and Mickey gave them high-fives.

Home stretch. Off to the front of the park to see Julius Katz and Sons had Daisy watching over everyone.

And Donald at the Kingswell Camera shop.

All done! Nice work guys! You were both awesome at finding eggs!

For his prize, Ian chose the Sulley egg.

And inside is a sticker of Boo!

The Food and Wine festival booths are just starting to open up, and I was wanting to try the Bacon Jalapeno Mac and Cheese. And at this point, I'm pretty tired of the ridiculous portion sizes that go along with the festival food. This tray of mac and cheese, filled at most 1/3 of the way full costs $7.50. Ridiculous.

The whole family took a spin on Toy Story Mania.

Then Ian and I helped the Guardians of the Galaxy escape yet again.

And on our way out, we made sure to stop by a photopass photographer to get some family shots. Cast Member Randy did a great job getting some good ones.

He asked the kids to hold hands. You will notice that not only did they hold each other's hands, but they're also holding Mike Wazowski's hands as well.

We had fun finding eggs at DCA, but there's 2 more hunts to still go on! Both Disneyland and Downtown Disney have Egg-stravaganza hunts too!

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