Saturday, July 7, 2018

104° at Disneyland so we're celebrating Snowmen

Southern California is currently going through a heat wave and Anaheim hit 104º today! I know of one snowman at least that loves the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot. So maybe all snowmen love summer, right? In order to "stay cool" we're going with a snowman theme today.
For hats, I've got a Mickey Snowman from Walt Disney World. Alli couldn't be talked out of her princess Rapunzel hat. Ian has a snowman Mickey from Disneyland Paris. Theresa is sporting Winnie the Pooh from Disneyland Paris. And Jacob has our buddy Olaf from here at Disneyland.

I like to think that my hat has some relation to the Christmas Fantasy Winter Wonderland float that has these two on the back. I actually have a 2nd WDW Mickey snowman hat that I'll eventually convert into a Minnie snowman hat. One of these days.

Backtracking just a little bit. The drive to the park today was great. No one was on the roads at 7:30am. And I was also having really good luck with the Disney song selection my phone was picking on the drive too! Lots of songs came from Hercules, Disney Afternoon, and A Goofy Movie. Starting the day off right!
The parking garage was surprisingly empty and it was an easy walk from the structure to the park entrance. And here's Jacob! I know both he and Theresa were super excited to hear that I brought them hats to wear too.

There was plenty of time for us today before rope drop, arriving at the hub 20 minutes before official park opening. We found a nice shady spot and planned our day. With this kind of heat, the plan is to be indoors as much as possible.

As soon as the rope dropped and all the other people shuffled off to their rides, we went straight to the front of the castle to get some photos. I have no such delusions that these hats will last the day for most of our party. Better get photos out of the way early.

Wow they get big fast.

It's 10 minutes after park opening and the pathway from Frontierland to New Orleans Square is really empty. Let's hope this sets the pace for the day. Staying cool, our first stop was Pirates of the Caribbean. No line at all and we were seated in the first and second rows of our boat.

Next, once you're past the outdoor queue, the Haunted Mansion is also beautifully air conditioned.

Another sign he's getting bigger. "I don't need you to hold me mommy. I can stand on my own."

Splash Mountain is a great way to stay cool. At 10am, Ian and I walked right onto the ride, taking the first and second rows. Both of us were soaked, even before going down the big hill, which made Ian really happy.

And while the two of us were on Splash Mountain, the rest of the group took a spin on Winnie the Pooh.

Aww. Baby ducks.

They look so fuzzy. I want to touch one.

All the way on the other side of the park, Space Mountain was calling us.

Despite being tall enough, Space Mountain is a little rough for Ian. He appreciates an arm around his head so it's not banging around.

While we're on Space Mountain, Theresa and Alli were killing it on Buzz Lightyear. Ninety minutes after park opening, Theresa was holding on to the 2nd place high score of the day.

I texted T that we were done with Space Mountain but didn't get a reply. I've got a good idea where they are though. And sure enough, when we arrived at the gift shop at the Buzz exit, Alli was busy giving hugs to every stuffy she could find.

Seriously. No crowds.

No one in line for Alice in Wonderland.

it's a small world had no-one in line either.

Alli - Why is the sun sad? Maybe because it's so hot.

Alli - Now he's happy!

Letting Ian have some freedom. He wanted to go explore Donald's boat. Go ahead buddy. All on your own.

Over to Gadget's Go-Coaster where despite our searching, we couldn't find Gadget there anywhere. I'm sure she's off on some Rescue Rangers mission. Time to start introducing the kids to my favorite Disney Afternoon shows I think.

T is happy when Jacob comes along because she doesn't have to ride. We've got a few more years until Ian turns 7 and can ride all by himself.

If one ride on Gadget's is good, two is even better.

Our time in Disneyland done, it was time to go over to California Adventure. Jacob and I have a fastpass for the new Incredicoaster and he's never done it before.

But first, chocolate and bread. Ooh, and it's the large slices of bread. Even better!

Oh boy. Blame the heat? Hands up Alli! Don't touch anything!

Well that's not a good sign. Both the Incredicoaster and Toy Story Midway Mania were closed. And like usual, cast members had no idea when it was going to be back either.

Well there's one good thing that comes of it. No lines at all for one of the new food booths I want to try.

Jack Jack's Cookie Num Nums! For $6, you get a decent size cookie right out of the oven! The cast member warned us that the chocolate is still melted and really hot. He wasn't kidding either. I needed those napkins in my hand to insulate it from the cookie.

After a very healthy lunch of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, grapes, string cheese, and chicken (not pictured), everyone was happy to dig in to the delicious cookie. Ian really wanted Jack Jack to be there giving out cookies, but was satisfied we could give Jack Jack's friend money to get a cookie.

Someone is a fan. T said it was the best cookie she's had here at the parks too.

While Theresa and Alli went underwater with Ariel, the boys all headed to Guardians of the Galaxy.

One pm on a Saturday in DCA. I'm sure the heat is keeping people away, but we're pushing through. Jacob said goodbye at this point, and Ian and I rejoined Theresa and Alli.

Mater was a walk-on. Ian keeping track of the green-eyed baby tractor.

Got it!

He really does try to squish me on the turns. I usually get the better of it.

T and Alli riding together on a blue-eyed baby tractor.

Luigi's is a kids favorite, and I'm slowly coming around. Alli really wanted the pink car. Unfortunately none of Luigi's cousins are pink.

Instead we headed to this one. Alli - This pink one looks red. Yes, yes it does.

I know a few kids who are going to miss some of these Bug's Land rides. Like the Ladybug Boogie.

Flik's Flyers is also a favorite.

Alli is getting tall. Let's check how close she is to that magic 40" number. Still a little ways to go Alli.

Hey, wait a minute. How are you so tall?

Ha. She'll get there soon enough.

Well Ian, we've got some anytime fastpasses due to the Incredicoaster being down. And checking again 2.5 hours later, the Incredicoaster and Toy Story are both still down. That's unfortunate. Especially for a big ride that just opened. But back to these anytime fastpasses. Ian wants to get wet. That means the Grizzly River Run. I have a special relationship with that ride. It doesn't let me off the ride until I'm soaking wet.

So let's just hop in that fastpass return line and we'll be on our way... Oh my.
Everyone in the park must all be here. This is a look at the fastpass return line. It stretches outside the queue, in front of the Rushin River Outfitters, and halfway to the Redwood Creek Challenge Trails. I don't even want to guess how long that wait is going to be. The standby queue says 80 minutes. Fastpass has to be ridiculous too. I think we're going to skip this for now. I'm happy that Ian is pretty good just going with the flow. He asked if he could go on the zip-line instead. Absolutely!

So fun!

And pretty empty here too.

By 2:30pm, we've done so much. Pirates, Mansion, Splash, Pooh, Space Mountain, Buzz, small world, Gadgets, Guardians, Ariel, Mater, Luigi's, Lady Bugs, Flik's Flyers, and some things in Redwood Creek. I think Saturday in the Summer are the new off-season! Topping out at 104º probably doesn't hurt either.

Jamba Juice is perfect for days like this!

After walking back to the car, T noted that we've walked over a half marathon today, more than 13.1 miles! Not bad! Survived the heat and got a lot of walking in, plus a whole bunch of Disney fun on top of it.

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