Friday, August 31, 2018

A Labor Day weekend with family

For the last 12 years, I've always known where I was going to be for Labor Day. The Disneyland Half Marathon has been going for 12 years and I've participated in every single one of them. This year however, with new construction happening at the resort, the race had to be postponed.
Theresa was happy to finally have her Labor Day weekend free to make travel plans. Let's head up north and see my brother!
Ian's getting some practice carrying a bag. It's huge compared to him! Luckily it's filled with treats that we'll be sampling a little later.

They so like to be at the front of the train for the ride to the main terminal.

Everyone came running out to see us when we pulled up. It's going to be a fun weekend together.
Hi Emma!

Marveling at the bearded dragon and watching her eat some carrots.

The trampoline was a big hit. My brother has a giant one in the backyard, and the kids loved playing on it all together.

And loved it when me and my brother got on and bounced them.

Food was a big highlight of the trip. Between steaks, ribs, homemade pizzas, and lots of sweets, everyone ate very well. S'mores? Yes please!

Ian ate a whole one all by himself. Jess showed me a new way of making s'mores in the oven that I think I liked even better than with a fire. Using the oven browned the marshmallow, but also melted the chocolate, which is something you don't really get when you're only toasting the marshmallow over the fire.

As usual with our Saturdays we're headed to a farmers market. This time it's in Napa though.

T gave all the kids $5 to spend however they wished. Exploring all the different booths with cousins.

The honey sticks were popular with everyone. With over a dozen flavors and being fairly cheap, I think all the kids spent at least $1 here.

That is an amazing variety of tomatoes.

Jess discovered a delicious lemon crepe.

We're coming up on apple season, so T was very happy to see a large variety of apples. And seeing that many apples gave her an idea. More on that in another post.

Taking turns riding with the cousins.

The kids had a really good time being creative and playing together. Here they set up the living for a puppet show they were putting on. Seats for everyone.

Ian and Alli having fun.

And then Emma and Ian put on a 7 minute play for everyone.

The kids took a really liking to my brother's pets. Ian made this card all by himself.

And Ian and Alli both made cards for the bearded dragon too, taping them to the outside of her tank.

So many food related things this trip we were able to squeeze in. From chip tasting (more on that in a future post).

Apple tasting (more coming soon).

A trip to the Jelly Belly factory.

Making delicious homemade butter beer.

It's very tasty, but as Jess stated very well, it makes your teeth feel fuzzy. It's very very sweet.

Having some of Jess' delicious homemade popcorn. The kids enjoyed salted butter popcorn, while the adults had a tasty bacon jalapeƱo creation.

All too soon it was time to head home.

It was a quick 72 hour visit, but we were able to do so much in that time.

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