Friday, August 10, 2018

Visiting Colorado

For the past week, the Flowers were visiting Colorado! And everyone is coming with!

After an uneventful flight, we made it to the Denver airport and the fun tram. The kids both like to sit in the front row.

While the grandparents took care of the kids, Theresa and I (and a co-worker) all visited the one and only Casa Bonita. Theresa's been wanting to come back here for years. Why you ask? One reason.

The Sopaipillas!

These fried pillows of dough pair great with honey, and you just can't find them like this anywhere we've found. So delicious!

Everything you've heard about Casa Bonita on South Park is true. The cliff divers, Black Bart's cave, mariachi band, puppet shows, arcades, etc. We were fortunate enough to have a table right by the main stage where we could watch the skits and see the performers diving into the water.

No visit is complete without a visit to the arcade.

While T and I are having fun in Denver, the kids are having a great time with the grandparents. Like when they go shopping and get to ride on the horse.

Or helping Gram water her garden.

And getting to play in the park with their cousin.

When you've got two strollers and they all want to hold hands...

And it's great to meet up with T's cousin and his family as well!

The kids loved chasing each other all around the brand new (to them) park.

A merry-go-round isn't something we have at any of our parks, so the kids were drawn to it.

Alli didn't want to venture too far from the center.

It was also great to hang out with my brother and his wife Megan. We went to see The Meg in her honor.

The kids loved hanging out with the grandparents, especially all the toys and games to play in the basement.

DDR is something new to them. They have some different styles when it comes to playing.

Before we go, everyone enjoyed a delicious Korean lunch together. Then it was time to head to the airport.

Love you Gram!

Ending it like we began. On a tram ride at the Denver airport before our flight back home.

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