Saturday, August 4, 2018

Journey into Disney California Adventure with Figment

Today we're bringing a little Figment of our imagination into Disney's California Adventure. Of course Figment is a resident of Epcot out at Walt Disney World in Florida, but we're going to see what we can do to find him here in California.
Of course the hats are all from Florida. Mine is a classic hat from the 90s. Alli's is more recent (from my last visit to WDW). Ian has a full body Figment on his head. And since that's the end of my Figment hats, Theresa is carrying the kid's stuffed Figment plush.

The day started super early, with the kids waking up around 6:45am. That left us enough time to get to the parking garage and be just in time for rope drop at 8am. I'm always split between walking from the parking garage through Downtown Disney or waiting for the tram. When I see things like this though, with decent lines at the tram, but only one side running, it reaffirms my desire to walk.
Of course after waiting for a loading cycle, and right after taking this photo, cast members allowed people to board the other side, and there was a mad scramble of people trying to board.

Let's go to Disneyland!

Today we'll be searching for Figment in California Adventure. Our first stop right when the park opened was Toy Story Mania. Oh Alli. Those glasses look great on Figment, or as she pronounces it Fig-a-ment.

Ian and I partnered up for some rootin tootin shootin. Now that he knows some of the hidden secrets, he wants to try to open them up (like the giant robot that appears when you clear all the Little Green Men).

Next up, we're going to look for Figments from the top of the Pixar Pal-Around. Alli surprised me by saying she wanted to ride the swinging gondolas with me and Ian. Sorry Mommy. That means you're sitting out.

Let's ride!

Tiny Figment sitting on a bench seat with Ian.

Ian - Figment doesn't like the swinging gondolas. He gets sick.
How'd he get sick Ian?
Ian - He coughed the whole time.

After the Fun Wheel, it was time for another round of Midway Mania.

This time I'm riding with Alli.
Figment and I are both very impressed with Andy (Woody's owner) and his amazing imagination.

Bing Bong is an imaginary friend inside your imagination, and Figment is the mascot of Imagination! Let's go try to find him here!

Well I see Bing Bong and Joy, but Figment is no-where to be seen.

Even though Figment did make a cameo in the movie this shop is based on. Here's a screen grab from the movie. Check out the lower right corner.

Mmm. A delicious candy case. Wall-E and Eve!

Well who can say no to free samples?

Certainly not us. Yum!

Figment flies right? Let's join up with Goofy's Sky School and try to find him up here.

No luck on our first flight, but perhaps a second time around we'll find him. Cast member Seth liked our hats and told us to watch out for the Train of Thought that was running through here. And also to make sure we hold on for the loop.

So obviously I have a ton of Disney hats I've acquired, but this was a new one for me. While we were standing in line for Mater, a mom and her daughter came up to us and said they'd grabbed this hat to wear today, but discovered their daughter had now outgrown it. Would we like it?

Oh yes! Alli loved it! And it totally matched her shirt with the polka dots and the bow. Thanks!

Mater is always fun, especially when the kids try to squish you during the turns.

Time to get serious about finding Figment. Ian and I are headed over to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Taneleer Tivan is known as the Collector, and he certainly has lots of interesting things in his collection.

Hi Ian! Hey! Who is that in the purple box above your head?

We've found him! He's trapped in a box in the Collector's Lobby!

Don't you worry Figment. We're breaking the Guardians of the Galaxy out. We'll get you too!

Success! Figment you're free!

Before we head over to the other park, I can never resist stopping when I see a photopass photographer.

I'm telling you. Saturday's in the summer are like an off-season. This is 11am. Still plenty of room to move around as you walk down Main Street.

Over at Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, we found what might be a distant cousin of Figment. Eyes big and yellow, horns, head to tail he's royal purple pigment. Voila! A cousin of Figment.

Lunchtime! Before leaving DCA, T grabbed a loaf of sourdough bread and some butter. On top of that, a couple entrees from the Red Rose Tavern and a Rice Krispy treat .

This boy has a good memory. Last week he told us he wanted to toss coins into the small world flume, but neither T or me carry change. Before leaving the house this morning, he reminded us of his desire to throw coins into the small world water and grabbed a few pennies from his bank. He was happy to toss some in as we crossed the bridge before riding.

And when we floated by, he pointed out which pennies were his.

Next it was time to visit Toon Town. Roger Rabbit's Toon Town spin is a new favorite for Ian.

Alli however is another story.
Alli - I loved it! But I don't want to ride it ever again.

Playing with the mailboxes. Loving that they talk back. When Goofy mentioned that he was stuck inside, both kids seemed concerned and wanted to know how they could get him out.

It's difficult to eat an entire loaf of sourdough bread all by yourself. Both kids are happy to enlist the help of a few ducks to help us finish everything off.

Along with the ducks, there's a couple big turtles I can see sunning themselves on the rocks. And in the water are hundreds of tiny fish that were eager to pick off any bread the ducks weren't getting to.

Cast member Velora was enjoying seeing how good of a time the kids were having. She told us those tiny fish we're seeing are called Mosquitofish, and they help keep the bugs down. She also told us to keep our eyes open for a giant bullfrog somewhere around here.

Haunted Mansion was next on our list.

Ian found a couple bugs he wanted to bring with, but I told him they like staying outside more than they like riding the rides.

No trip to Disneyland is complete without a ride on Splash Mountain. This is Figment's first time riding it.


Ian - Can we go behind there Daddy?
Not yet buddy. That's where Star Wars Land is being built.
Now he wants to go in there even more!

There's one more place you can find Figment here at Disneyland, and that's on pins!
All day long, Ian and I have been getting lots of compliments on our hats. Figment is loved out here in California too!

The lobby of the Disneyland Hotel has these great teacup chairs. Ian is trying give the cup a spin without success.

Another successful day at Disneyland! We found Figment!

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