Monday, October 15, 2018

Disney around the World - Day 2 Part 3 - Eating Korean foods

The leaves in the plaza below the Seoul Tower are beautiful right now! It's autumn and the trees are showing all the colors they can at once! Greens, yellows, oranges, and reds. Very pretty.

Alright, one more picture of the kids. Ian did say that the Seoul Tower was his favorite part of Korea. I think it was that elevator ride. Even on our last day he was asking to go back to the tower.

And just for good measure, here's a screenshot of Minnie and Mickey trying to climb the Seoul Tower.

Our cable car tickets were one-way, so we've got just a little bit of a walk ahead of us.

Just like Minnie and Mickey.

There's a few stairs to get to the bottom. The next morning when I woke I was wondering why my quads were sore. Then I remembered, oh yeah, I just climbed down an 800' mountain.

Down we go. It started out like this... 

Where is Alli? Oh that's right. She's on my shoulders. Maybe that's why my legs were a little shaky at the bottom.

Ruston and Ian had a lot of fun jumping down the stairs. Ruston remembers when he was little he would jump off stairs all the time.

And up in Canada where he lived, he'd also imagine that snow piles were clouds, and he'd be a super hero jumping from cloud to cloud all the way to school.

Here's a nice respite. The Jamdoobong Photo Island.

It's a nice view, but it would be nicer if this foggy layer was burned off a little more.

All the way down were these really cool looking spiders. They built their webs right beside the path we were walking on. I remember seeing similar crazy spiders in Kyoto when we were hiking amongst the Tori gates.
Ian wanted to know if they were good spiders or bad spiders. Together we decided they were good spiders, and that they fight black widows.
Ian - And White Widows.
Sure buddy. White Widows too.

Looking it up later, these are Joro Spiders. They can grow up to 4" long including their legs. Originally native to Japan, Korea, China, and as of 2015 North America too! Luckily they are not venomous and not a danger to humans. They are good at catching prey though. Ruston, Ian, Alli, and I stayed behind a little bit to watch one in its web, and were treated to seeing a moth land and get stuck, the spider race over to it, and start wrapping it up in its web. You can see the moth in the spider's mouth below.

About 30 minutes after we started, we made it to the base. That was a few stairs. Oh boy, those birds are looking way too comfortable over there.

Alli made sure they got some attention. And since then, she seems to have a vendetta against birds. If they're on the ground nearby, she wants to chase them off.

Who is hungry? Let's eat lunch! Traveling is so much easier now that we have cell phones. Pulling up TripAdvisor and Restaurants for Seoul, we could see reviews and even menus and prices of places nearby.

Alli had had enough excitement. Waking up at 2:30am and that lack of sleep finally got to her. I'm happy we had a stroller that she could sleep in. Though these steep sidewalks make for interesting navigating.

We're doing a lot of walking so it was getting to be a little too much for Ian. Can't really double them up in the stroller when one of them is sleeping. Time for a shoulder ride. And look, it's Pororo the Penguin from their kids packs they got on the airplane.

Lots of walking today.

Ah, it looks like we're in the right spot. There's lots of restaurants here.

But... it's Monday and for some reason a few different Korean restaurants are closed on Monday. Hmm. What else looks good.

Wandering the area and looking at the signs, this looks like an emart, but the left half had a lady out front handing out menus and bidding us to come in. The prices look good, the pictures look decent, I think we found our lunch spot. Right behind her was an elevator which we took up to the 2nd floor. I even found it later on Trip Advisor. It's called Haeunzzim or Suwon King Ribs.

Here there were asian style tables which are low and you're sitting on the floor, and western style tables with chairs. We opted for the western style.

Alli was still out of it.

The food is here!
Along with lots of side dishes, I'm getting bulgogi. Meat here is a bit more expensive though. I think I ordered 250 grams of galbi, about 8.5 ounces for $22.

Theresa and Ruston loved their bibimbap, especially Theresa with her Dol Sot bibimbap (hot stone bowl bibimbap). They thought the kimchi was especially delicious too. It should be! It's authentic Korean!

Ian wasn't interested in eating. He wanted Alli to get out of the stroller so he could sleep too.

Luckily for him, Alli started stirring after the food came. Mmm. Ramen is good everywhere.
Well that was tasty. Time for dessert!

Ian is out hard. Ruston found us a tasty place for dessert. The Milky Bee.

Ooh. Pretty. That gelato looks delicious!

The two flavor gelato are normally 5500 Won ($4.70), but there are signs out showing they're discounted to 3800 Won, about $3.25 each. Three flavor gelato is also available for 6000 Won ($5.10).

There's 4 flavors available. Yogurt, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Green Tea. I bet that chocolate is good too.

What do you think Alli? Tasty? 
Her lips smacking told me the answer was yes. 

While we ate our ice cream, we wandered over to the Myeong-dong Cathedral.

 Everyone took turns looking inside and staying outside eating ice cream and minding Ian who was still asleep in the stroller.

Alli enjoyed the great big courtyard to run back and forth in. She'd race to the front door and then race back to us.

When I was doing my research for things to do in Korea, I came across these types of ice cream shops. And here's one now!

A 32cm (12.5 inches) ice cream cone! And they're only $1.70 each!

Those are pretty big!

Alli is getting her bite.
And we were getting this mostly for the photo. The ice cream itself turned out to be not all that tasty.

And Ian missed out on all the ice cream fun. He's been sleeping since we left the restaurant. Those underground malls beneath the street that I was so found of before. It's a little more difficult to navigate with a stroller and a kids. Especially a sleeping kid.

It's nearing 2:30pm and we've been out all morning. Everyone went back to the hotel for a little break. We'll pick up the rest in the next post.


  1. 800' climb down is a long hike...and having Alli on your shoulders, yikes!...need good balance and stamina to do that! That was a fun Ruston flashback of "jumping from cloud-to-cloud as a superhero"...funny how certain things will trigger fond memories from childhood. No wonder Alli chased all those seagulls at the all started in Korea! Whoa...going down those steep sidewalks in a stroller, and without a stroller strap to hold Alli really needed steady arms/hands/legs for that. Those rose petal gelatos look so pretty...very interesting watching the creation of those gelato creations (reminds me of watching candy being made in Disneyland...that is, seeing deft hands move so smoothly and quickly to create those delicious treats) I guess to get the ice cream to stand at 12.5 inches, the "usual" ingredients may not have been used (or in same proportions)...but it was quite a sight to see...soooooo tall!! The cathedral's interior looked so elegant...there was a certain simplicity, yet elegance, about it. With the time zone changes and lots of walking, 2 yr old Alli & 4 yr-old Ian are doing remarkably well...what travelers! EOM

    1. And I'm sure the kids will have flashback memories to these types of moments too.
      Yep! I think this is where Alli's bird chasing started.
      It's great seeing some of those people who do things every day, move so fast to make such amazing things.
      I agree, Ian and Alli have been real troopers.