Sunday, October 16, 2011

Food from Japan

I thought this would be interesting to show.  Here's a quick report showing a lot of the interesting foods and drinks we enjoyed in Japan.
Edamame  Kit Kat (we think)

Dark Chocolate Kit Kat (we think)

Pretz were a very tasty cracker snack.  There were savory Pretz, sweet Pretz, and Butter Tastin Pretz.

One of the better burgers we had in Japan.

I discovered Calpis soda.  It was a yogurty drink that I really enjoyed.

Breakfast one morning.

I don't quite understand "American Traditional" with an Oreo on top.

Theresa decided on a Korean style breakfast one morning

Chocolate bread (tasty), Cocoa drink (pretty weak tasting chocolate drink), Pepsi Caribbean Gold (delicious! I wish I could find more of this), Teriyaki rice balls (meh, okay for the first bite, tired of them after eating more than 4)

A tasty Mickey fried chicken sandwich.  Only surprise here was that it was dark meat.  Still good though.

Curry Chicken tasted good, Mike Wazowski bean dessert was much smaller than the picture made it seem and was just okay, fries were fine but the ketchup was very bitter.

Boba drink that was not bad

Pumpkin soft serve ice cream and Vanilla soft serve

Mmm.  Delicious Honey popcorn

A regular Mickey shaped churro.  Churros are always best fresh and not as great after they've sat out.  This one had sat out.

A tasty cherry water

Caramel popcorn maybe?  Also yummy.

A non-sweet tea drink plus a cheap sleeve of cookies.  There were all sorts of varieties and we tried a bunch of them.

Milk Tea popcorn was interesting.  We only got it once.

Hard to go wrong with pasta

Some interesting ice cream flavors.  Chocolate, strawberry, crushed caramel, grape, tiramisu, blood orange


Curry popcorn wasn't bad at all.  Probably Theresa's favorite.

A balanced breakfast.  Cup of noodles, some cookie sleeves, some yucky chicken nuggets, another Calpis soda which was also tasty, and a delicious lemon and honey drink.  It tasted a lot like lemonade and was great!

A sweet bean rice bone, a yummy Mike Wazowski melon bread, some "corn" bread, and a Mickey brownie.  And more yummy cherry water.

Lots of yummy pizza types.  Double sausage, pepperoni, and Hawaiian.

I didn't try Ruston's seafood pizza though.

A Mickey steamed bun with pork filling

A pork and rice roll.

Bacon and rice together can't be that bad.

Yummy crepes. Apple/Sweet potato, Strawberry, and Chocolate/Banana.  All were tasty, but we were actually expecting them to be warm.  They were cold though.


Chicken and a Dry Cola.

Mongolian bbq with curry powder

Sausage rolls

A pumpkin churro

Tiramisu ice cream sandwich

A purple sweet potato dessert

Sweet/Sour Pork, Fried Chicken Teriyaki and Fried Rice

More gelato

Some not so tasty hamburgers in Tomorrowland

A tasty Mickey waffle

A hot sweet potato from a Tokyo street vendor

A grapey tasting soda.  It was yummy.

Shakey's pizza had lots of different pizzas, noodles, and even rice and beef curry.  There were some interesting pizza flavors, including corn, fried teriyaki chicken w/ seaweed, cuttlefish, tuna, chocolate banana, apple cinnamon, and sweet potato/marshmallow/bean paste, and pepperoni and some potato slices.

Asian pears

A persimon, butter Pretz, Pocky cookie sticks, rice crackers, a couple Mentos flavors, and a yummy Uncrustables type sandwich.  It had strawberry jam and butter inside it.  Mmm.  And more cookie sleeves.

Dried purple sweet potato chips.

Grape Mentos, Honey Mustard Pringles, and Max Coffee drink.  I enjoyed the drink.

A Pepsi Dry.  A non-sweet cola that was pretty good.

Choco-cro was a French pastry place that had chocolate croissants, sausage croissants, and a ham/potato croissants.  Everything we tried was delicious here.

Only tried a sample of apple here.

And later she found more apples

A pumpkin pastry

Berry pastry

Chocolate pastry

And chocolate chip bread

Strawberry Mochi

Fried chicken basket and nan bread

More traditional curry.

Some kimchi and rice, weak orange drink, weak apple drink, and weak chocolat drink.  Just struck out on this try.  Gyoza in the microwave was just not bad.  And I got more of those yummy sandwiches.  Maple syrup, blueberry, and chocolate sandwiches.

Beef and chicken skewers from a street vendor.

Treats from Mister Donut

Peach nectar

Delicious chicken curry.

Mochi and a pineapple/banana drink.  Plus lots more cookie sleeves.

Fried chicken


McDonald's ice cream cone and McFlurry

Grape Crush soda

Lots more beverages to try.  Cola Shock was slightly alcoholic, the Calpis in the middle was non-carbonated but good, Pocari Sweat was not as good as I was expecting.

The best tasting milk shake possible according to the can.  It wasn’t.  It was a weak watery vanilla milk shake

Selections at Mister Donut

Delifrance hot dog

Delifrance chicken and avacado

Tasty fried chicken, fried rice, and gyoza

Strawberry chews and cola mentos

Pumpkin Cheesecake KitKat and Mont Blanc KitKat

Grape Mountain Dew

Rainbow Mentos and Honeyed Apple Mentos

McDonalds Sausage McMuffin, McDog, Mega Muffin

Choco Pie from McDonalds

Peach Fanta

Hot dog from Disneyland

Tasty Curry popcorn

Yummy Caramel popcorn

Pork Steamed bun

Delicious Gyoza

This Strawberry Latte was not good.  I took a sip and poured it out.

Not so good Apple Pastry and Rattatouille Focacia.  Apply pastry had hardly any filling and the crust was dry and tasteless.

Sweet Cream Cheese pretzel from Toontown.  It was yummy.

Tortilla dog with cheese.  Surprisingly good!

Corn snacks (like Bugles).  Theresa liked them.

More tasty popcorn.  We loved all the choices available at Disneyland and Disney Sea.

A tasty chicken curry from Disneyland

And tasty meat pasta as well.

Sausage croissant and cream cheese bun from the Tokyo Disney Sea bakery.  Both were yummy.

The delicious gyoza at Disney Sea.  Probably one of our favorite snacks here.

Footlong hot dog (it was a hot dog, nothing special) and a black pepper and cheese dog (Theresa didn't care for it)

Yucky hamburgers at Ikspiari

Two more kinds of Calpis drink and a chocolate chip bread.  The premium Calpis (non carbonated) was great.  Zero calorie Calpis was too weak to enjoy.  The Chocolate chip bread was excellent.

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