Saturday, May 5, 2012

Breakfast with friends then watching Avengers in 3D

We got a group of friends to all go watch Avengers in 3D on Saturday with us.  We don't usually have a good reason to get together for breakfast with friends, so we seized the chance this time. 

Pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, orange juice and some fruits were all on the menu.  Mmm.

Not knowing what else to bring, Lacey and Jonathan brought an assortment of drinks.  Just a small assortment.

A yummy breakfast!

Avengers was great!  We all thought they did a really good job with it.  

We had carpooled with the Bakers to the movie.  On the way home, Theresa happened to mention, "You know what sounds good.  Funfetti cupcakes."  Lacey said, "I have those at home!"  So, we went home for an hour then joined up with the Bakers that night.  We had dinner and enjoyed the cupcakes.  It was a great day!
(not my picture)

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  1. You know what sounds good? Funfetti cupcakes...thanks Theresa ;)