Saturday, May 12, 2012

Colorado Day 1 and 2

We left Los Angeles at 8:15pm after our flight was delayed.

You know you're in Denver when you're on the tram at the airport.

The next day, Patrick came home from work early.  We all went to the best Korean restaurant ever!  The chicken here is pretty good, but the best thing ever are the wontons!  

They're the thick wrappers with lots of filling.  Mmm.

Then after eating a delicious lunch, we continued our usual tradition and grabbed a jamoca shake from Arby's.  

For dinner, we met up with Mike and Lindsey at the HuHot, a Mongolian BBQ place.  

It was tasty, but we still think our Big Wok in California is the best around. 

I did enjoy the sausages that they had.

We went over to Mike and Lindsey's house and hung out with Macy.

Macy was pretty well behaved the whole time.


Big yawns.

Mike was using the remote control to take pictures of us on the couch.  He must have messed something up because all of the sudden, the camera starts taking pictures non-stop.  


I'm going to bite you now!

After our dinner had settled, we all went out to eat frozen yogurt.  Macy has her cup ready.

Yummy!  Thanks Lindsey and Mike.

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