Monday, May 14, 2012

Colorado - Day 3

We crammed so much stuff into this one day.  We started by doing playing the "Just Dance" games on the Wii.

Megan and Theresa hanging out on the couch.

But eventually they got into it too.

 And then there was a little bit of Kung Fu Fighting!

With Crane kicks, of course.

 We wanted to try the new Brazilian BBQ restaurant, but there was a 2 hour wait.  We decided to go to the Texas Roadhouse instead.  Theresa was talking on and on about the rolls and how delicious they were.

When the waitress came to take our order, Theresa said, "First we'd like more rolls", and then placed her order.

The waitress wasn't fast enough (seriously like 10 minutes later we still hadn't received rolls), so Theresa went up to the counter and got her own basket and brought it back to the table.  

Now she's happy.

I told the waitress I wanted the BIG prime rib.  She said there was a 20oz prime rib that wasn't on the menu but was in the computer.  That sounds good.  I'll have that.

 We got back home and after letting our food settle for a while, Megan made Funfetti cupcakes!

And Theresa iced them.

Then added the delicious sprinkles.


We played with Wicket in the back yard for a little bit.

We watched her taking big leaps off the steps as she was chasing her toy.

The backyard is in bloom.  And the trees back here have gotten huge!

 We then retired to the living room and played the Pirates of the Caribbean version of Life.  And as luck would have it, Pirates of the Caribbean just happened to be playing on TV.

For dinner, we all made grilled pizzas.

Whew, so much stuff today.  Tomorrow we're heading back to California.

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