Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fiesta Hermosa

Well our Florida trip with Jacob and Ruston got cancelled this weekend, but we were still able to get together and hang out.  As it happened, Fiesta Hermosa happened to be going on this weekend.

 One of the best parts of Fiesta Hermosa is all the different food possibilities.  Theresa found some roasted corn.

We got a bunch of things to split between everyone.  We had tri-tip sandwiches, guac and chips, and garlic fries.

Lemonade was sounding good, but for $6 for a cup, we were a little hesitant.  Instead we walked up Pier St and found the Jamba Juice.

And they even brought back my favorite flavor, Pina Colada.

 We took our smoothies and walked out to Hermosa Pier.  What a beautiful day!

And we even happened to run into the Bakers.  

Fiesta Hermosa was getting super crowded, so after 4 hours, we decided to head home.  From there, we re-planned our Florida trip then went to Big Wok for dinner.  What a great day!

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