Friday, June 7, 2013

Mike, Lindsey and Macy visit from Colorado

Mike, Lindsey and Macy are visiting from Colorado Springs for a few days.
Macy sure is getting big!

I had the hardest time getting Macy to look at the camera.

Every once in a while I caught her off guard and she happened to be looking.

Of course we visited the Korean restaurant for lunch. 

And even though the weather wasn't the greatest we visited the beach.

We're definitely experiencing June Gloom right now.

Even though Macy has just started learning how to walk, she did really well in the sand.

And she wouldn't put the volleyball I brought with down. 

We didn't bring a pack and play to the beach, so instead I dug a hole in the sand deep enough where she couldn't get out.

She had a fun time playing in the sand.

T was a little cold.

Macy has never been in the ocean. Boy was she bold. She was leading Michael to the water.

I thought as soon as the cold water hit her feet, she'd cry and take off in the other direction.

Not this girl though. She loved it!

And even when it was time to go back in, she wanted more.

Mike and I bumped the volleyball around a little bit while Macy insisted on playing in the sand right beside us.

 So we started playing with her instead of the volleyball.

She had a good time.

A good picture of Theresa and Mike.

Macy gave us a few pointers on how to spike a volleyball.

The best way to top off a visit to the beach?  Pinkberry of course!

Even though it wasn't the warmest day, we still had a fun time. Tomorrow, Disneyland!

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  1. That's a great parenting tip - burying a hole in the sand to trap the child. I'll be sure to remember that one!