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Disneyland Paris - Italy and France trip Day 10 part 2

Continuing from part 1 of our trip, Ruston, Jacob, Theresa and I are all at Disneyland Paris.
For our next ride, we went back to Storybook land and rode the canal boats. There was no line and we were able to walk right on and have our own boat to ourselves! There are no guides on the boats here either and they have some interesting scenes we don’t.

 One of the first scenes we encounter is Snow White. Up at the top we can see Dopey at the entrance to a mine.

While the wicked witch is at the cottage entrance. 

Rapunzel's tower is also sticking out from behind the mountains.

From Hansel and Gretel. 

 This is the tribute to Mount Olympus from Hercules (my favorite movie)... I was a little disappointed with the display.

Rounding the corner, we see the windmill from the animated short The Old Mill. 

We also see Prince Eric's castle sitting beside the water. 

 And Eric is out on the balcony ready to go down to his ship.

Next was the frozen winter scene of Peter and the Wolf. 

Peter is peaking out of the safety of the gate.

Little does he know that lurking around the corner is the wolf.

Careful Peter!

Next we see a small mountain village. But what's that! It's presided by none other than the Chernabog!

Here's a character that doesn't get nearly enough attention in the parks and I'm happy to see him here!

It's the Cave of Wonders! 

And he's swallowing a boat! 

Once we come out the other side we encounter the Excalibur from The Sword in the Stone.

This looks like a poor provincial town.

Good morning Belle.

 And looming over the town is the Beast's castle. Not quite canon, but it still looks cool.

What's this?

 The Emerald City from Oz? Interesting. Not a very well known Disney movie.

We asked to ride a second time around and because there was no line, we got to go again without getting out of the boat.

The next ride of the day was it's a small world. They have a really cool fountain out front, but unfortunately it could use a little cleaning. 

The globe at the bottom just has a layer of scum coating it. Ruston looked at me and said "I just want to take a toothbrush and clean it up!"

Onto the ride!

Not quite a boat to ourselves, but still a pretty short wait and we were on.

I really like that this version isn't a copy of any of the other ones. You still see the classic scenes like the Tower Bridge.

And the Eiffel Tower

It's cool to see the representation of the Coliseum that we just saw a few days earlier.

Ruston was happy to see a much better representation for Canada. Instead of just the one Mountie without a land, there were mountains, hockey players, a totem pole, a moose and then of course, a Mountie.

The United States also has a big representation here. We see cowboys and the wild west.

Then we look past a farm scene and see a giant ship, the Golden Gate bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. In the background we can see the Hollywood hills, and the Hollywood Bowl.

Along with some palm trees and a football and baseball player

It’s starting to get close to dinner time. We try to take the railroad to the other side of the park, but once we line up, we’re told the train is closed for the evening and people turn around. Here there were even more people smoking in line, with one guy with his cigarette in his stroller pushing hand right beside his child’s head.  Lucky kids.

The place we want to eat is over in Adventureland and Frontierland, so we decided to walk across the park to get to it. Along the way, we run into a cute couple. Eve and Wall-E!

Aww, Ruston says "How sweet."

And Theresa and I strike a pose.

Who is ready for some smoked chicken and BBQ'd meats? My lips are already smackin.

Well not us apparently. We get there and even though it’s only 7pm, it’s already closed.  We continue to our 2nd choice and it’s closed as well.  Sigh… Why is it closing when the park is open for another 4 hours?

Crazy that they even have a sign for the occasion. 

Out of the options we really wanted, we head back to main street and to Casey’s corner to grab dinner.  Jumbo cheese and crispy onion dogs for the boys.  T gets a salad after confirming it has no nuts.  No nuts, but maybe some oatmeal and legumes. The hot dogs were just okay. 

We carry our food across Main Street and find some tables to sit at.

Over dinner, Ruston was telling us how he’d had it on his list to go to the DL Paris, but after pricing it out 10 years ago, he didn’t think he’d ever get here. And now it’s 10 years later and he’s been to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland (which he couldn’t have even dreamed of) and now Disneyland Paris. Awesome!

After dinner with everyone a little more awake now, we go back to Phantom Manor.  I read everyone the story so maybe the ride will make a little more sense going through it.

Looking out from the front porch of Phantom Manor to the park. It's an awesome setting!
It’s only a 5 minute wait this time! 

Looking up in the stretching room.
The cast members here played around a lot more with the guests.  Jumping out and scaring them, stealing their hats and headbands. They asked for everyone to be quiet while during the stretching room scene. "In English, shhh!" "In French, shhhh!"  When people were still talking, he asked, "in Espanol?"  People responded Si.  He said, "in Espanol, shhh!"  I think asking people to be quiet was only encouraging them not to be. They were yelling and screaming on the ride the entire time and it wasn’t enjoyable.

Wandering around the cemetery at the end of the ride. 

They use some cool foliage to give the manor an eerie feel.

 Just as we got off, the sun was starting to set.

It lit up the Manor beautifully.

After the ride, T went to try to get more chili con carne nachos, but it was closed. Why is everything closing so early! Big Thunder still has an 85 minute wait.
We wander over towards Discoveryland and check out the Nautilus.

It's always fun to see things that don't exist anywhere else.

Ah yes, we're inside Vulcania. Tokyo Disney Sea really presented this well. That's immediately what comes to mind when I see this map.

W watch as the giant squid attacks the ship.

Afterwards, Jacob and I go on a short 5 minute wait on the original Star Tours.

I get in trouble for taking pictures during the ride, even though they clearing said no “flash” pictures allowed a couple times. Jacob and I were both listening for it. Maybe they should just say no pictures.

It’s 10:20pm (and still surprisingly bright outside) and with 40 minutes to go before the final show tonight, we head to main street to find seats.  We get right in the middle behind the hub area and chat while we wait.

The castle is looking pretty amazing.

At 10:50, people who were sitting start standing and space opens up and people start crowding closer.  Some people just have no manners. They squeeze right in front of you and just stop. I know it's just not here, but that happens everywhere. What was also annoying though were the ipads, phones and cameras that went in the air when the show started.  People can’t just enjoy the show, they’ve got to watch it on their tiny little screen and hold it in front of everyone else. One guy started with his phone in a vertical position then halfway through flipped to horizontal.  Seriously are you even going to watch this again?

 The show itself was pretty cool. The fountains along side the castle are nice, but the projections on the castle are just outstanding.  

I'm definitely going to need to come watch this show again with a better seat.

Once the show was over we joined the crowd heading out of the park and it was packed. Eventually we made it to the RER tracks and everyone had lined up on the right side. No train was there yet, so we lined up behind everyone else.  After 10 minutes or so, a train comes in, but to the left tracks. We were 5-6 people deep on the right, but everyone dashed to the left and squeezed on.  Lots of pushing and shoving, but everyone on the platform made it onto the train. Some people must really want seats.

It was a tight squeeze for us to get on. Luckily it's just the one stop. The train sat there for maybe 10 more minutes before the doors closed and it was time to go. It would have been quicker just to walk to the hotel. Glad we’re right by the doors to get off. We buy tickets for the next morning while we’re here then head up to the room.

We haven't had a chance to go to the store yet, so we’re stuck buying snacks from the hotel. 2 Euro ($2.75) for a Twix bar, and 3 Euro ($4.10) for a 12oz can of soda. Yikes! Hoping we find a store tomorrow.  We’re meeting up the Jacob and Ruston at 10am and Disney Studios is on the agenda.  Until next time!

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