Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tiny Flowers

So, how did we end up telling our friends and family that we were expecting a new addition?  With just a little bit of misdirection, I suppose.

Normally I'd put all my photos on the blog here, but in this case, I made a site specifically for this. We then sent an email to each person and called them at the same time, telling them to check out a new direction I was thinking about going with my photography.  Instead of just taking photos, I told them that I was experimenting with video, and to check out my first video with some of my favorite tiny flowers.

And then I included a few more photos of various flowers below it, just to make it a little more believable. I think everyone who saw it was surprised.


  1. Such a cute idea! You lucked out having a last name like Flowers lol

    Isn't hearing the heartbeat just the most amazing (and kind of the freakiest) thing ever?!

    Congratulations, again!

    1. It certainly was amazing hearing the heartbeat for the first time. Every appointment after it is always exciting, with just a little bit of nervousness, but when I hear that heartbeat, my worries disappear and it's all magical.

      When's your due date Kelly? You can't be too far off Theresa's. Are you blogging about it?

    2. December 15th, so Theresa is a little ahead of me. Which means you guys can find out the gender soon! Are you going to find out? Or be surprised?

      I know what you mean about the nervousness. Hearing that heartbeat is such a huge relief. Now I'm obsessed with ultrasounds and anxiously await each appointment for a chance to see what has changed!

    3. And no blog for me, just updates on Facebook and such. I keep thinking about starting a blog, but haven't gotten to it quite yet.

      Sorry if I post duplicate comments, I'm still figuring this thing out!