Sunday, June 16, 2013

Richard and Chi comes to visit and we celebrate Father's Day

Richard and Chi came out to visit from Michigan. 
It's been a fun week together. First off they were able to join us for our prenatal appointment and were there with us when we found out the sex of the new baby.

Of course we enjoyed Pinkberry while they were here.

Saturday happened to be Richard's birthday. We spent some time out on the beach.

And Chi made one of his favorite meals, meatloaf.  I can't remember the last time I've had meatloaf, and I'm glad we have leftovers because I'm looking forward to some meatloaf sandwiches.

Sunday was Father's Day. 
Theresa with her father.

My dad is out in Virginia and got to celebrate with my middle brother and his whole family. Here's one of my favorite pictures of us together when I was a lot younger.

And not quite a father yet, but a father to be. I can't wait to meet my boy when he comes in November.

It's been great having Chi out here as well. She's always cleaning or cooking or doing laundry. We've definitely been eating well while she's been here. For lunch we had fried chicken nuggets, potatoes and green beans.  Mmm.

And for a birthday cake/father's day dessert, we had angel food cake with yummy strawberries from the farmer's market.

We've had a great week with you out here visiting us!

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