Monday, July 29, 2013

A busy week leading up to my birthday

It's almost birthday time for me, but we had a busy week leading up to it. Here's everything that went on!

After talking about it for a while, Theresa and I finally decided to do something about this tree in our front yard. It's grown massive in the short 2 years we've been here. After dropping tons of leaves, flowers and making a mess of our front yard, we finally did something about it.

Gone! Eventually we'll put in a fruit tree since Theresa loves those. Maybe even an avacado tree.

On Thursday, we hung out with Steph and Farman. Both of us had recently returned from a trip to Italy, so we got together to look at each other's pictures and discuss our experiences. For dinner, we had salad, ravioli, and T made some delicious bruschetta that was the equal of the ones we had while in Italy! It was really good!

The next day, we hung out with Jonathan and Lacey. It's been 6-7 weeks since we've seen them last, so we're long overdue. T has been having a weird craving for ribs, so we went to Lucilles BBQ. Here, for the very first time ever, she placed an order for baby back ribs, and a full rack at that!

I ordered the beef ribs.  These things are huge, but really tasty!

On Saturday, after spending the morning playing beach volleyball in beautiful weather, we joined Chris and Eliza at the theaters to see The Wolverine.

The Arclight near our house has reserved seats and always has a great lobby display for the hottest movies.

They even had a display case with some classic Wolverine comic books. 

They even had a Hulk #181, with the very first appearance of Wolverine!  The movie itself was entertaining. Hugh Jackman plays a fantastic Wolverine and was fun to see in this movie. My absolute favorite scene though has to be the 2 minute clip that played during the credits! No spoilers here, but I'm excited.

On Sunday, Theresa organized a lunch with a bunch of my friends at PF Changs. 11 of us celebrated together and had a great time dining and talking.

After lunch, 7 of us went next door to the Arclight to watch another movie that's done really well on IMDB. With 58k review, it had a score of 7.9, so we wanted to see why it was doing so well. We had seen the trailers and thought it was just a classic monster/robot beat'em up kind of movie. Turns out, it was a beat'em up movie, with no real story to speak of. It has lots of great CGI and action, but the story was lacking and it probably could have been 45 minutes shorter. It entertained me though, so I didn't leave disappointed.

How should we finish out the weekend? How about grilling some steaks?

Some nice porterhouses for me and Theresa.

All this and it's not even my birthday yet! Tune in tomorrow to read all about it!

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