Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Joe's birthday celebration at Disneyland

Happy Birthday to me! We've already had some fun celebrations with friends the week before, but I told Theresa I wanted to spend my birthday at Disneyland and have a nice meal.

After getting off work a little early, we braved the Los Angeles freeways and headed to the park.

Looking through my collection of hats, I found my favorite birthday hat of a cake with candles that lights up. Walking down Main Street, I had to get a picture with the Mickey balloons!

Next on the list is to collect my birthday button! They don't give these out to just anyone. I did like how the cast member gave my O Mickey ears.

I really liked my friend Kelly's picture of her eating a Mickey bar at Disneyland.

I haven't had a Mickey bar in a really long time, so I had to try to get a picture for myself. 

I handed it off to Theresa to hold while I adjusted some camera settings, but instead of just holding it, she licked it!

Alright, here's my attempt at replicating Kelly's picture. Just a little nibble off the ear.

T is starting to get a little bigger. 

T asked me to pose for another photo with my Mickey bar, but when I paused to smile, it fell on the ground!

The horror!

It was still a delicious Mickey bar. T laughed at me for being a little messy.

Our normal routine is to ride Winnie the Pooh. In some bizzaro world, once we got back to it, there was a 30 minute wait!

We headed back to the Haunted Mansion that only had a 5 minute wait. Really? Just 5 minutes when Pooh is 30? 

Next I asked T if we could do something we've never done before at the resort. Get our silhouettes cut out of paper!

Talking to Angela, she's been doing this for a 3 years. Her record in an 8 hour shift is 160 silhouettes! Considering each silhouette costs $9ish each, that was quite a shift, earning Disney $180 per hour!

In the end, you end up getting two copies for the price of one! 

So what do you think? Do they look like us?

For dinner, we made reservations at the Carthay Circle restaurant! We haven't eaten here for over a year, and during that time, we were rushing to finish.

 We sat down for a wonderful meal.

Quite a few interesting things on the menu.

To start, for drinks T had a Twin Bill, a lemonade and ice tea mix. 

While I went crazy with a Shirley Temple.

Time for some pictures of the food! The bread basket was just okay. Nothing special or memorable, like Red Lobster cheddar biscuits or Olive Garden breadsticks.

Our appetizers came next. T loved the Heirloom Tomato Salad with Parmesan. She gave me a couple bites too and I agreed with her. It was really tasty.

I chose the Carthay Circle Signature Fried Biscuits.

They're filled with White Cheddar, bacon and jalapeno. It was a delicious and spicy combination.

The Skuna Bay Salmon on the golden tomato salsa was tempting Theresa. She was surprised by how much she enjoyed it. 

My Angus Ribeye was very flavorful as well. In most restaurants, they can't cook it how I like it, but here when I ordered it rare, it came out rare!

For my birthday, they brought out two small truffles and a candle. Happy birthday to me!

Next we wandered the stores looking for baby stuff for our new addition. But Theresa found a Jessie hat that she really liked along the way. Too bad it's for kids and didn't fit.

I suggested this, but Theresa didn't think so.

We did find this outfit that looked pretty cute, but the only size they had was for less than 7 pounds.

While waiting for Theresa, I sat down on a bench and the telegraph delivery lady rode up next to me.
"Birthday today?"
"Yeah, I thought so. I'm a little psychic."
 She asked if I was with someone and if I wanted a telegram delivered. I told her to tell T I loved her and that I was looking forward to our new addition in November.  She took the note, and when T walked up, she started shouting her name, but never really looking at her. Finally T sufficiently got her attention and had the telegram read off to her.

It put a big smile on her face.

And my face too!

To finish the night, we stopped at one of my favorite dessert places on property. The french beignets when they come out fresh are really hard to beat! They're incredibly messy though. You have to bend over to eat them and make sure not to inhale when you bring them up to bite them. Otherwise you'll be coughing powdered sugar up.

It was an absolutely awesome way to spend my birthday. Every person I saw with a birthday button got a big Happy Birthday and a high five from me for being born on such an awesome day.
Big thanks to Theresa for staying out past her bedtime to let me enjoy my Disneyland birthday!


  1. Love the balloon picture! Did you ask them to hold the balloons behind you? Or are you guys just that good?

    I laughed at the expression on your face when you dropped the ice cream. "Nooo!!"

    T has the cutest belly!! Like it or not, Theresa, you look pregnant! And you look ADORABLE!

    I had no idea that telegraph lady actually delivered telegraphs! I'm going to have to try and get her to deliver one to Sean... he'll be mortified. Perfect! :)

    1. I guess we're just that good. I was going to ask to hold them, but after waiting there for a few minutes, there was never an opening. The balloon lady had a steady stream of customers.

      I didn't know that either! I thought she just made small talk. I even think that if T had taken longer, she would have ridden over there and waited for her to come out and delivered it that way.