Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jon, Jessica and the kids visit from Delaware

Jon, Jess and their four kids flew from Delaware to Napa California for a wedding. Luckily they had time to drive down to Los Angeles to visit us!

After 7 hours in the car, the boys were really hyper. They loved exploring the house and running around the backyard. Once they found the "secret passage" leading through a bedroom closet to the front room, they started chasing each other all over the house.

Getting some extra energy out on the elliptical in the garage.

Then they found the hot tub in the backyard.

What does this button do?  Oooohh.

On their second day here, all the boys went to Legoland. You can read all about those adventures in another trip report starting here.

The next day was a bit overcast. We thought about going to the beach, but it was a little chilly. Instead we're headed to the little park near the house.

I imagine she's thinking "Hurry up or get left behind!"

An enjoyable walk, although we did start to get drizzled on while walking there.

 We spend some time climbing on everything.

The boys watch Ninja Warrior on tv, so we had a few races where we all followed the same course to see who could do it in the best time.

After running obstacles for a while, the boys found something real fun to play with. A shopping cart left here by someone! And yes, we tried to get it on the slide.

Then we ran around the playground in it.

And had a fun time doing it.

Walking back home.

The boys really really enjoyed the hot tub. We kept it at 90F so they could stay in as long as they wanted. And stay in it they did! I think on one day, they were in it for 3.5 hours.

And then had some yummy nectarines and other fruit afterwards.

The other thing we spent a lot of time doing was watching the Star Wars: Clone Wars series. The boys get really into it and we probably got through 20 episodes in their time here.
Since the boys are really into Star Wars, we had fun messing around with them. Our living room lights can be controlled by a smartphone, so we told Isaac to go up to the switch and use the force to turn them on. The look on his face when the room lit up was priceless. He got really excited. We turned the lights on and off a few times, and then the twins started accusing me of turning them on/off. I held my hands up (and Theresa took over on her phone) and we continued the charade. The best part was when he ran off to the hallway light and stood in front of it for 30 seconds trying to get it to turn on. It made us all smile.

All too soon it was Sunday and time for them to leave. We had a fun visit with everyone here. Hope you can come back again sooner than later!

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