Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Mom comes out to help Rich and Chi move

To help with Baby Boy Flowers, Theresa's parents Richard and Chi are moving out from Michigan. They're going to be living in an apartment not too far from our place and to help them get everything unpacked and organized at their new place, my mom Sheila flew out from Virginia.
Of course it all started out pretty empty.

Rich and I flipped the door on the fridge to make the kitchen more functional.

We picked a moving company that would drop their stuff off at a loading facility in Compton. Once it arrived, we rented a Budget truck locally and headed over. It was a big help to back the trucks up next to each other. Kinda scary though backing up something that big without being able to see behind you.

And it was just barely big enough to still be able to squeeze through.

We successfully made it out of Compton and through all the small streets to get to their new apartment

All the stuff made it intact!

With such great help, in no time at all, we had the entire truck loaded and unloaded. To thank everyone, we had a fantastic lunch at only the best Mongolian BBQ place ever, Big Wok. 

And in the following days, their whole place really came together.

Thank you for moving out here Rich and Chi!

My mom was such a great help while she was out here. In the 11 days she was here, we got the T's parents completely unpacked and organized and cleaned our house.

We're excited for Baby Boy to get here! 

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