Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Carving with friends

In what is becoming an annual tradition, it's October and we're carving pumpkins again!

Yes, we do this a lot. For example, Michigan 2009, CA 2010, Michigan 2010, Mississippi 2010, CA 2011 1st time, CA 2011 2nd time, CA 2012, and Michigan 2012.

Theresa couldn't let us carve pumpkins on an empty stomach.

So she made us some yummy funfetti cupcakes.  Mmm. Cupcakes.

Lacey showing off her brand new pumpkin carving apron.

Getting started on my first pumpkin. I was ambitious and got 4 pumpkins to carve.

Lacey putting her template on her pumpkin.

Jacob taping his stencil to his.

And Jonathan using a pounce wheel to trace the outline of his pattern.

My first pumpkin is complete! The Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington! I love how he shows up on the white pumpkins!

It was a pretty nice day and actually getting a little cool. Still we all gathered in the driveway.

Jacob carved a New Orleans Saints pumpkin to in honor on Drew Brees, who hails from his alma matter Purdue.

Celebrating the 7-0 Chiefs, Lacey made Jonathan a Kansas City Chiefs pumpkin 

Jonathan celebrating his 7-0 Mizzou Tigers.

For my 2nd pumpkin, I chose to commemorate the super popular fast food chain In-N-Out Burgers.

Theresa was happy about the Broncos' 6-0 season start and carved a Denver Broncos pumpkin.

Quite a few NFL football pumpkins this year.

I never got to my other 2 pumpkins, but here's what everyone carved today.

A closer look at each of them. Jack Skellington


Denver Broncos

New Orleans Saints

Mizzou Tigers

Kansas City Chiefs

Another great day of pumpkin carving with good friends!


  1. I carved mine last week, but it's already starting to mold. The glue didn't work this year :( Maybe I should have waited a little longer.

    1. That's unfortunate. You can always try carving a little deeper to get rid of the mold. I had to do that last night for my Jack Skellington.