Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Spring Dapper Day weekend - Friday

Sunday is the spring Dapper Day event at the Disneyland Resort. We're getting to the resort a couple days early and making it a whole Dapper weekend!

The three of us left the house just before noon, hoping Ian would take his afternoon nap in the car. Sure enough before we hit the freeway, he was asleep in the backseat.

Check-in isn't until 3pm, but we were there a bit early. Oh look, a counter just for us. Our room wasn't ready yet, but we were given room keys and I was told I'd get a text as soon as our room was ready, along with our room number. Pretty nice system. Glad I don't have to come back to the counter again to pick up my keys.
One other interesting thing I learned. Since you can use this trick to get your keys early, if you come early enough, you can use the Extra Magic Hours to get in to the park early on the day you arrive. Say you're staying at the hotel on a Monday night. You can show up Monday morning at 8:30am, check-in, then show your key to get into the park at 9am instead of at 10am with everyone else.

Since we've got some time to kill, we're headed in to the parks.

With a quick detour since there's some Ian sized chairs in front of the tv.

The little girl in the front row was sweet, offering to scoot her chair over so Ian could come sit in the front with them.

I love the huge fireplace in the lobby too. Shortly afterwards, I got a text from a friend who was in the park.

It's Catherine and her son! We met them in DCA at the end of Buena Vista Street.

Having some fun dancing in front of the fountain.

On the agenda today are rides the kids can go on. After walking over to Monsters Inc and seeing a 25 minute wait (yikes), I broke out the Mousewait app to find something that wasn't so long. Luckily Turtle Talk with Crush starts in 10 minutes. It's been years since I've watched Turtle Talk.

The show was fun and pretty much like I remembered it. I thought there was previously a non-interactive part of the show too where we met Dory and got introduced to a whale. That didn't happen this time though.
Ian was just as interested in the show going on at the front of the room as he was with all the other kids surrounding us.

A Bug's Land usually has some short lines. Even though I've been on most of the rides here at this park, I've never actually been on Francis' Ladybug Boogie. Ian seems to love the teacups, so I'm hoping he'll like these too.

It was fun I guess, though the sides are really high. It's difficult for little ones to actually see out.

Even though it posted a 15 minute wait, Ariel's is an omni-mover and usually moves pretty quick.

Some may call it Mickey's Wheel of Terror, but we're going on it anyway.

We started moving and Ian was loving it.

I think this might just be Ian's favorite new ride.

Look at that smile.

Consulting the Mousewait app again, so many rides have long lines, but the Carrousel has only a 5 minute wait. Ian's first trip on a carrousel didn't go great, requiring his Mommy to ride with him. This time though, he was happy to ride all by himself.

Fun times!

And since one good ride deserves another, the five of us jumped back in line and all rode it again!

Time for Catherine and her son to head home. Ian waved bye-bye to them. Right around this time, I also got a text that our room was ready for us.

It's getting close to dinner time. Amazing what the power of suggestion can do. As we were walking away from the area, a guy walked by with a corn on the cob and took a great big crunchy bite. Time for an appetizer before dinner. It was delicious.

The room was actually the same room we had the previous Dapper Day. Weird. Anyway, we liked it last time and we liked it this time too.

This time though, Ian's big enough to play with the light switches. I love the sounds he makes when he turns them on and off.

Dinner is whatever we make it tonight. We've got no reservations anywhere, so we're putting together our own dinner. We started by gathering the dessert at Marceline's Confectionery. I didn't know there were special Disney mixes of Jelly Bellys.

T got a bag of Jelly Bellys while I got a chocolate covered pineapple spear to eat after dinner.

For our beverage T was really feeling like a Jamba Juice. Ian love love loved it!

His baby sign language for "I want more". I also grabbed a bag of Wetzel's pretzel bits to eat with our entree.

Heading in to DCA to Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, T got spaghetti and meatballs, while I got the chicken sun-dried tomato pasta. Ian ate off both our plates. We grab a seat near the main path while the parade was going by, but ended up swatting away all the bubbles the floats were putting out as they threatened to land on our food. Ian's eye-balling a soap bubble here.

The Ellis Island Boys are playing Jazz Music nearby, so the three of us headed over to listen to them to finish off the night.

And just as we're ready to go up to bed, Jacob shows up. We say a quick goodnight since we'll see him again tomorrow, then head up to the room.

Tomorrow we've got another full day at Disneyland. Time for bed.

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