Thursday, February 19, 2015

More time with Rita, Aubrey and Ethan, and enjoying the beach

Good morning family! Big hugs to everyone!

And Aunt Rita bough doughnuts!

It's a beautiful sunny day. To start, we set out chairs in the front yard and soaked up the rays.

Sure, why not get some ice cream.

 I'm sure Aubrey was done with that cone.

Mine now.

What are we hanging around here for? Let's go to the beach!

After we parked, Ian found some wild flowers along the path.

Smell it Grammy.

The kids went off to find sand dollars and play in the surf, while T and I put Ian in the stroller and walked the strand.

And after walking for 2 hours, we got some well deserved Pinkberry.

I guess he just likes to start the mornings with hugs.

Monday was another beautiful day. With no work to go to, we went back out to the beach again.

Even though the water was pretty cold, Ian liked it.

Dipping his feet in the water again.

Even though it was time to leave, he wanted to go back into the water.

Back at home, we celebrated Aubrey's 14th birthday! Wow that makes me feel old.

The rest of their time here, we all just enjoyed hanging out together.
Chillin in the hot tub (set at 95 degrees so Ian can get in it).

Eating chocolate when Mommy and Daddy aren't around.

Enjoying some Korean food. He looks like such a big boy sitting in a regular chair at the table.

 Thanks for coming out to see me Aunt Rita!

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