Monday, February 2, 2015

Visiting Colorado with Ian - part two

Just a couple more days in Colorado.

Ian had a really good night's sleep and didn't wake up the entire night! He loved playing on the bed with the pillows.

After breakfast at the hotel, the three of us headed to Patrick and Megan's house. Ian loved playing with the huge ball.

He's still a little scared around Wicket, but he's still really interested in her. If only she wouldn't lick so much!

For lunch, we joined Megan's dad at one of my favorite Korean restaurants ever! The San Chang House has been a favorite of Theresa's and mine for quite a while. I thought about it while we were there, and we've been coming here since at least 1996! I would take T for dates here in high school!
My favorite thing I can't find anywhere else are the fried wontons. They're delicious!

And Ian chowed down on everything too. He's definitely showing some of his Korean side.

Back in the 90s when T and I would eat at the San Chang House, there was an Arby right next door. It was tradition to get a Jamocha shake after eating. That Arby's has long since closed, but we found another close by. It's snowing? Doesn't matter. It's tradition. I'm still getting my jamocha shake.

The five of us spent the rest of the afternoon at Pat and Megan's house. Ian got to spend a lot more time with Wicket and the two seemed to have a lot of fun together.

For dinner, I asked what their favorite local pizza place was, so we ordered a meat lovers pizza from a place called Marco's. I can see why it's a favorite. They have delicious crust toppers that were fantastic.
One last thing I have. I'm more of a pie person than a cake fan, and there's one place that makes my favorite. There aren't any Village Inn's anywhere near California, but since I'm here, I've got to grab a French silk pie.

The rest of the night, we all just hung out in the living room. Ian was feeling especially loving.

Giving kisses to his Aunt Megan.

And his Uncle Patrick.

Aunt Megan getting some good tickling in on his feet.

The view from our hotel room the next morning. I miss seeing the mountains. Overnight the Springs got a dusting of snow. I think the temps were in the teens this morning. It was quite chilly.

Our last day in Colorado, we met up with T's cousin and his family at the Cracker Barrel. It's been so long since we've seen them. At least a year and a half. Macy has gotten so big!

Time to go. Better get some good hugs in.

We've only got a half hour before we need to head to the airport. We made good use of it and stopped by Patrick and Megan's house on the way out.

Ian loved their bay window.

Visiting Wicket before we leave.

And saying "dog" when we ask him.

We had a great visit to Colorado. It was just too short.

Time to drive to Denver.

Back at the Denver airport ready to head home.

Am I getting my own seat this time? Sadly no. Southwest knows how to fill their planes completely. Luckily for us, this time our seat mate pulled his hoodie over his head and slept the entire flight.

An awesome view going over the mountains.

Ian was restless and climbing over everything during the flight. So of course as soon as we got off the plane, he fell asleep and didn't wake up for another hour and a half...

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