Saturday, March 7, 2015

Enjoying a delicious Dole Whip, but we're not at Disneyland!

Surely I don't need to explain what a Dole Whip is. This tasty treat is a staple for many who visit Disneyland. Produced by the Dole Food company, this dessert was previously only found at Disney parks and in Hawaii. Lately though, they have expanded their offerings to other places.

Just down the street from the King's Hawaiian Factory in Torrance, there is a free standing King's Hawaiian bakery and cafe called The Local Place.

Let's get some Dole Whip!

Even though we're at Disneyland frequently, one of the reasons I don't get it often is the wait. On a nice day, the line can stretch all the way around the Tiki Room. It's so popular, the Disneyland wait time app Mousewait even tracks how long people can expect to stand in line. Yikes! 30 minutes for a Dole Whip!

No such line here. With 4 registers open, we were to the front in no time.

Prices here are a little cheaper than the parks as well. A cup of Dole Whip in the park is $3.79 vs $2.95 here. Floats are similar costing $5.19 in the park and $4.45 here.

And it's not just Dole Whip. This is a full bakery with pies, cakes, breads, and cookies.

And there were even free cookies to sample.

Did I mention that it's also a bakery? Of course they carry the Hawaiian rolls you'll find at just about every grocery store. They also carry rainbow butter bread and cinnamon pull-apart bread. Maybe next time we'll try that.

Yum! Jacob got a regular Dole Whip, while Theresa, Ian and I split the Dole Whip Float and a coconut cream pastry.

Being such a beautiful day, we enjoyed our tasty treats outside on the patio.

I think Dole Whips might make it into our regular rotation of delicious desserts we can go grab with friends.

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  1. Loved this one!..... I stop by here probably a couple times a month. I recommend the porky boy sandwich (I'm kinda drooling just thinking about it)... and, yes, the desserts are a must. I often pick up the Hawaiian Paradise to take to the office... everybody LOVES it.

    Craig :)