Friday, March 20, 2015

Mike, Lindsey, and Macy visit from Colorado

Theresa's cousin Mike, Lindsey and their daughter Macy all came to visit us in March.
On the plane, Macy kept saying she wanted to see Ian.
Macy's birthday is coming up, so when I picked all three of them up from the airport I had a giant Disney princess birthday balloon waiting for her.

And even though it's Macy's birthday, they brought Ian some presents.

Whoa! It's an awesome Mickey Mouse plush dressed as a Denver Bronco! Mickey has good taste.

Plus some books. Thanks!

The always delicious Nothing Bundt Cake served us well as a birthday cake.

Make a wish!

Later we played on the deck in the back yard. On the massive pine tree we have back there, we've hung a swing that always seems to be a favorite.

Me showing Macy how to spin a ball on her finger.

Nearby is a local park with the usual swings and slides. Ian has been practicing on his slide at home quite a bit. Was he ready to go down a big one himself?

Ian and Macy racing down the slides, though Ian decided to start before we said go.

Swings are a favorite at any age.

Later for lunch, we'd head to a local Korean restaurant that T and I have frequented so often that they recognize us and already know our orders. Shilla Korean restaurant in Gardena is a top spot for us for lunch. Their bento box lunches with all their side dishes and soup are a steal at $8.99.

Ian's been here enough that he likes to get up and walk around, and he makes sure he visits the fountain up front. He kneels down to see the doggies and really wishes he could get his hands in the water.

I didn't stage this one at all. He grabbed a handful of japchae noodles and shoved them in his mouth. One of the slices of carrot stuck to his nose and stayed there for most of the meal.

What? Something on my face?

So much food for less than $60.

Michael happens to read the blog and knew that the Local Place, a King's Hawaiian bakery, happens to be nearby and serves delicious Dole Whip.

Along with that, there's special Kings Hawaiian treats you don't normally find elsewhere, like this rainbow butter bread.

In the dining room, there's a fish tank with all sorts of tropical fish.

Ian loved seeing them.

Excited to try her first Dole Whip.

And no surprise, it was delicious. Everyone enjoyed the quick dessert stop after Korean.

After lunch, Ian was exhausted and went home for a nap. I took our visitors down to beautiful Hermosa Beach.

Macy was wearing a very appropriate shirt for the trip.

Run away from the waves!

Happy to be enjoying the beautiful weather in So Cal.

Parks were a fun thing to do while they were here, so the next day, we found another one nearby.

Ian hasn't quite figured out that bump in the middle of the slide yet. Put him in slick pants and socks, and he flies down the slide. Come down Macy!

So many fun things to climb and play on.

Even the adults got to play a little. This contraption spun around quite fast, even more than the tea cups at Disneyland! It was awesome!

It was great having everyone come to visit! After a few days with us, they all went to Disneyland to spend a few days.
We'll see you again soon!

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